Meditation & Contemplation ~

In meditation you dive deep in silence. In that dive you may initially encounter the body, including sensation and feelings, the noise of your own thoughts or the honking horn outside. But slowly you get to see that although you wear a body and it can be your ally, an instrument of your spirit and soul, you are ...

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Decluttering to Create: On Getting Rid of Stuff & Creativity

What I would love in this new year?

To write!!
To paint again, with real paint!!!

Childhood Art #1

I’ve been getting rid of old stuff
Some of it really old
Like tons of things from when I was a wee tot

Sitting in the garage for decades and decades.
Do you have any of that old stuff lying around?

Old art
Old school records
Old school book reports
Old family bank statements from the ...

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I Wish I Had A Compass ~ Finding Your Creative Way

I sometimes wish I had a compass but anger and sadness can be a kind of compass. They can give information for life’s direction. The thing is one has to be willing to listen and see where the compass points, and then go for it. Moving in the direction that the compass spins, regardless that you may have been given only one small step to take, can be difficult if ...

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One Small Thing ~ Creative Discipleship

Angel at the Door

I’m a creator.

I always have been.

I had to create.

It was in my blood.

                To write or paint or teach or tell stories.                   

It just flowed.

It still does.

I came to amass a resume ...

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The Power of Story to Bring World Peace

The Power of Story to Bring World Peace

Storytelling is as old as time itself
Through story, song and dance we have lived and loved
Created community, celebrated and grieved
We hear and tell them constantly
Stories make us uniquely human
and connect us soul to soul

~ Elizabeth Welles

The black barbershops were packed. Das wandered the street, saw another barber pole, and walked into the white ...

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The Voice Code ~ Awaken the Mystical Power Within ~ Part 1

Your voice has the power to heal.

Your voice has the power to invite energy and create.

Your voice has the power to bring you into a deeper silence.

Your voice has the power to connect you to your miraculous Self.

Earlier this year, I met a man in a hot tub—where many inspired conversations begin. ...

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Free in My Heart, Free in Tehran

 In a real sense all life is inter-related.

All persons are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one directly affects all indirectly.

I can never be what I ought to be until you are what you ought ...

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Essential Oils for Your Health & Beauty


When I was a young girl I started to purchase and blend my own oils because I wanted a natural and healthy perfume alternative that didn’t involve toxic substances that made me sneeze, close my throat, cough or get sick. I know now that I was probably always chemically sensitive.

Years later, my mom learned about an oil company starting up in Utah. Knowing my ...

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