Welcome to storytelling, a world of hope, where possibility, magic and miracles abound



Storytelling is as old as time. Through story, song and dance we have lived and loved, created community, celebrated and grieved. We hear and tell them constantly. Stories make us uniquely human and connect us soul to soul.

It is as if we are made from the fiber of stories. We hear and tell stories constantly but some are transcendent. I know the power of stories because I have seen, first-hand, their mighty strength to lift and lighten perspective. To help people grow in a new dimension that restores their faith and appreciation for life’s variant colors. Through story, I have seen people remember the beauty in their dreams and be catapulted towards them with fresh inspiration.

Stories restore your health by giving solace to the weary and the grieved, lifting you above dross and disappointment.

Stories inspire confidence, laughter, faith, and enable you to smile at your foibles.

Stories remind you of your ephemeral nature. They enlarge your compassion and understanding. They bring to your heart the common thread of humanity.

Stories offer hope. They stretch the imagination and make the unbelievable believable, the impossible possible, expanding your horizons of what you, too, can create.

Through story you embrace mystery and experience the mystic in your cells. You experience wisdom that inspires you to new breath and life until you live by the no-breath of Spirit alone.

When you hear a story or write a story, you journey into the Grace of the Unknown. You become that warm balmy breeze, the lift of the wind. You become the dancer, mover, shaker and peacemaker.

Stories are our words and language, our arts and crafts, our paint on canvas. They are the way we live in our homes, the way we build them and the buildings themselves. Story is the tree whispering its secrets as its sap rises in the bark. Story is the way we make sense of what has no sense. It’s our allowance and our permission to be ourselves at the deepest layer of existence.

Stories reflect our lives, where we’ve come from, who we are, where we’re going. They are like the stones of Earth, storytellers themselves with history, solidity and strength. Even if it is the story of inexpressible sorrow told through silence, no words or song.

Story, like music or wind, here and then gone. Like birth and then death, a remembered beating in our hearts; the comforting rhythm of Mother and Earth, Father and Son.

Story is a road and a path into the silence, from where more stories will spin. Stories are the breath of Life singing to us Her song.


Welcome to one of the most exciting worlds I know.

Welcome to Storytelling


*Abbreviated and condensed from Journaling for Well-Being & Peace