A Riser You Become


You were a warrior when young
Then the world crouched in and a worrier you became
And then you stood up and the world crouched out
And Riser you became

Regardless of the world, regardless of naysayers, of unconscious ones
A Rise you became
Rise I rise

Rising like the sun
Like perennial plants that return and come
Nothing stops sun
Nothing stops plants ...

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When Pee Becomes A Pleasant Distraction

I thought I was helping a friend over the phone when he interrupted me abruptly. I didn’t mind the interruption. I didn’t mind the abruptness. But the tone of voice was harsh, almost angry, and definitely impatient – and I felt hurt. My solar plexus hurt. I did the usual things, noticed what I was feeling, tried to calm myself, breathe, mantra, wrote a bit. Not sure why it stung so much, probably several reasons, but no matter, reasons weren’t ...

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When Does the Killing Stop?

I hesitated to post this piece because increasing the polarity is not my intention, but there is a lot of frustration and sadness and wonder of why we don’t have sane gun control measures in this country is.
My greater need is to understand. Understand why people are so against having sane gun control measures. It’s not about taking guns away. That will not happen in American society, but why is it that people think they need arsenals in their homes and safes. I ...

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