Write Your Way to Peace


Writing With Your Mystical Self ~
A Bridge Between the Worlds

 With Elizabeth Welles

Author of Journaling for Well-Being & Peace

What is Channeled Writing?

Channeled writing is a way to tune into information not normally witnessed or seen.

It’s a passageway.
It’s a means of communication.
It’s a way to move or channel personal energy.

While channeling has come to be associated with mediumship and thought of as “woo woo” as in spiritual channeling, that is only a part of it. We will define it for ourselves. In this workshop, we will mine our curiosity and wonder.

We will de-mystify channeling to include accessing your own wisdom, the wisdom from your body, wisdom from the natural world, and information from non-physical realities as in loved ones passed on, or loving angelic wisdom, to receive information that might not ordinarily be readily available.

We will do this with discernment in a practical and grounded way.


The most quiet whispers of your soul, your own inner voice, can be heard in the in between spaces between what was and what will be. 

        ~ Elizabeth Welles


Writing with Your Mystical Self Helps you

Directly connect to your Soul’s Wisdom

Enhance your listening abilities

Access information not readily available or seen

Practice discernment

Connect to a larger Universe

Enhance your creativity and compassion

Discover peace right where you are

About the Workshop

What we cover in Writing With Your Mystical Self:

  • What is a channel
  • Types of channeling
  • What is the right way to channel for you
  • A simple process
  • Simple rituals to open channels of writing and welcome your muse
  • Meditation to relax and ground yourself

Workshop Logistics:

  • This is an experiential workshop where we will be writing on the call.
  • There will be plenty of time for sharing but sharing is not required.
  • The nature of this workshop is explorative—not evaluative.
  • There is opportunity for individual guidance from Elizabeth.
  • A safe space is created for you to connect with your own heart and soul.
  • You will receive a Zoom link for the workshop. Please do not share this link with anyone, it’s only for you.
  • There will be a break to take care of personal needs – food, water, stretch, bathroom

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There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophies. 

        ~ William Shakespeare


What People Are Saying

Elizabeth Welles, author, artist and playwright who lead this workshop is one of those women whose energy you just crave! She was gentle, intelligent, strong, focused, sincere and electric. You know those people you just feel good by being around them? That’s her. Whatever she’s having, I’ll have!!

Jennifer Mims, workshop participant
Tempe, AZ

Thank you again for the inspiration to begin anew at journaling and for providing very powerful techniques to motivate the process. I have been writing! And it has helped mellow the emotions so that other ideas can flow, just as you said it would happen. I loved the “magic box of words” and the “letters to yourself” and the “starting point of the present” that really does get you started! I have already told several people about the workshop and have sent them to your website. Thank you again, Elizabeth. I got a lot out of it!

Joy Bell, workshop participant
Tempe, AZ

Her work is inspired and concrete. Guests rave about her programs and we hire her again and again.

Elizabeth Horton,
Director of Activities at the Oaks in Ojai

An impenetrable peace came over me after speaking with Elizabeth. I was in a crisis that threatened a career I loved, one I had worked long and hard to build. Elizabeth reminded me of a perspective that was way beyond what I could see at that moment in time. Before I spoke with her, I was ridden with anxiety and fear. After speaking with her, I went to bed peaceful and woke the next day with a peace that lasted. I was so grateful for Elizabeth in my time of duress. She later told me that she had a talk with God after we spoke. While Elizabeth doesn’t wear her very deep spirituality on her sleeve for all the world to see, this woman prays with mastery. After her prayer and spiritual support, my problem disappeared into thin air in 24 hours—nothing short of a miracle. If you’re in a crisis or transition, run to see her. She’s grounded and creative, and can speak to anyone regardless of faith, race, gender or creed. Her peace crosses all boundaries in this or any world.

Patrick W.,
Physical Therapist Assistant

When I met with Elizabeth, I was blocked creatively, overwhelmed by to do lists and responsibilities. All I said to her was ‘I need help feeling creative again. I’m burned out.’ From that wonderful session with her, sprang forth a wealth of creative ideas. I put to use the suggestions she had to enhance my creative writing space and things to do to nourish my spirit. The creative spurt has not halted, thank Goodness. I thank Elizabeth.

Shy person requesting anonymity

Elizabeth combines a compassion for people with a true gift for healing that is rare to find.

Richard Lipton,
Television Producer

 You would not believe how far I’ve come since we last met. My healing started with my first journaling workshop with you. I continued journaling for years and years and then stopped. I had come to a point in my healing that there was nothing to say. I’ve started journaling again and it is so fulfilling. PS – Love your newsletter.

Steffi T.

Gentle methods, magical results.

Amy Powers,
Lawyer, Songwriter, Lyricist 

Elizabeth’s lifetime experience of journaling is inspiring! Her presentation reminded me of the capacity of journaling to reveal soul’s purpose, the soul’s deepest longing to be of service. A delightful evening!

Rita Marsh, Carbondale, CO
Davi Nikent Center for Human Flourishing

I thoroughly enjoyed Elizabeth Welles’ talk on creativity and writing at the Wyly in Basalt. It was so inspiring and full of ‘helpful hints’ that I went home and wrote a page of ideas for future writings. It involved the audience at every step. It included quotes from her work as well as others about writing techniques, ways to get started, getting teens to write, and using different mediums of writing (computer versus hand). I have since written in my own journal about just the items that she mentioned in her talk. Listening to her words of wisdom helped me to move forward and believe in my writing. Thank you Elizabeth for this opportunity.

Maurine Fitzpatrick
Educator & Avid Reader

While the bad news is time flies, the good news is you’re the pilot. And if you’re lucky, the great news is Elizabeth is the teacher. All great teachers have a passion for what they teach, a true knowledge of their subject, and hopefully are living examples of what they teach. Elizabeth Welles is such a teacher. An exceptional multi-talented artist, writer, performer and healer, Elizabeth is living proof that no matter what it is you love or are inspired to do, you can find creative ways to do it with more joy, love, satisfaction and success. Among her gifts is that rare ability to see your special gifts. Her ability to see my own gift for healing was a Godsend in my life that set me off into my chosen work today. She was the first to tell me I was an energy healer, which led me to my present day career, and love and passion for Energy Medicine. If you need help finding or pursuing your creative gifts, then Elizabeth is the guide you want. Nothing else can quite substitute for the knowledge and know-how she brings to the table. I’m honored that I had the privilege to work with and come to know her. She inspires the artist and creator within us all with wisdom, compassion, and grace.

Carol Lynn Healy,
Energy Medicine Specialist

Thank you so much for your inspiring words and friendly down to earth style. The talk you gave at my school gave me permission to relax and let life’s divine flow do its work. I was inspired by your way and felt relieved afterwards. It was ok to finally give myself the pause that I needed to go inside myself and figure out what I want. You have a special way of speaking to the heart and mind of us all. You are a free spirit and warrior woman who lives their truth. And since hearing you speak, I am no longer afraid to live in my light, to be authentic in my life, and to live my truth. Thank you, Elizabeth, for your support, and kind words.

Marjanii McCline, L.M.T
The Center of Natural Wellness, Albany, NY

Elizabeth Welles is more than a healer. She’s an inspiration. She invoked my creativity, which I feared had seen its day. She empowers, inspires and encourages. Thank you for reminding me, I am an artist.

Cindy Gregor,
Ojai, CA

She was delightful and insightful. She engaged the audience in a relaxed, easy manner that made everyone feel comfortable. She was generous with her time, answering our many questions in an open conversation. As a group, we left inspired and uplifted. I would love to hear her speak again!

Kathy Honea,
Artist & Entrepreneur

Unbuckle your seat belt and take off your shoes to relax and enroll.


Okay, I’m ready, let’s do this!

Meet Elizabeth

Hi, I’m Elizabeth. I started writing before the age of seven years old. Granted, my words splayed all over the page until my hand-eye coordination increased as I grew and writing became the hub of my wheel. Rhythm, rhyme, poetry, music and dance, painting and song were some of my early languages. So while the hub of my wheel is writing, that wheel has many spokes as author, actress-storyteller, teacher and healer.

The Voice of Compassion and a mystical kind of voice started to speak to me when I was a child. What I learned I then taught to others for over three decades. Helping people to connect to their own healing selves, with their own creativity, to their own vision and voice. Years of writing, meditation, deep listening, creative ritual and ceremony all play a part in this journey, along with the ongoing study of needs-based relating and compassionate communication.

I am the author of books, including the book, Journaling for Well-Being & Peace. I am the creator of meditations, one-woman shows, Luminous Visions Art, and the online course, How to Rest: A Loving Guide for the Wearied, the Anxious, and the Grieved.

Appreciative Inquiry and an indescribable “It” factor, and a sense of permission to come and be as you are, however you are, play into serving clients and audiences. I love the art of storytelling in any form and playing with the Word, be it on the page or the stage. This love contributes to the true spirit behind my work, which is to listen deeply (and to laugh deeply) alleviating suffering in the hearts of the people I meet, inspiring creativity, laughter and peace.

I look forward to meeting you on the call!