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Welcome to Diet as Lifestyle ~ Food as Medicine where former dieter turned healthy chef and cooking teacher, Elizabeth Welles, shares her journey, and wisdom on the power of food in a healthy lifestyle.

Sick & Tired Of The Diet Roller Coaster?

Hop Off & Discover A Lasting Peace With Your Body!

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You know that sinking feeling when another diet fails you? And you wonder if anything will ever work? I’ve been there!

I spent countless nights beating myself up, struggling to find balance between my love for food and my desire to lose weight and feel healthy. Waking up with a sugar hangover from the night before, thinking I had no will-power. And then I learned a new way that went beyond any traditional diet. And that changed everything!

So now, I’m inviting YOU to a FREE webinar where I’ll show you the secret sauce for ditching diets & embracing lasting peace with your body through holistic self-care.


This eye-opening event will reveal how nourishing your body AND soul can break down barriers that have held you back for so long.


Thursday, May 25th at 5 PM Pacific, 8 PM Eastern

* Say goodbye to yo-yo dieting to embrace a positive lifelong journey with food.


* Discover the secret to sustained energy levels throughout your day.


* Understanding food as medicine.


* What’s the grief diet and embodying self-compassion in times of sorrow.


* How the power of journaling, meditation, sound, and rest can contribute to your creativity and peace.

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Join Elizabeth to gain the knowledge and insights needed to turn your diet from temporary sufferance into a loving part of your life.

This FREE talk is inclusive and empowering, honoring and celebratory of the unique journey we each take.

Don’t miss your chance to hear Elizabeth and add your own wisdom and spice to the conversation

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About Elizabeth Welles


Nationally known author, performer, and facilitator, Elizabeth Welles, taught macrobiotic and healthy vegetarian and vegan cooking for many years. She is the author of Journaling for Well-Being & Peace and author-editor of Women Celebrate: The Gift in Every Moment, creator of the CD/MP3, Meditation for Relaxation. Her popular online course, How to Rest in 4 Easy Steps helps people explore a new understanding and way into rest to relieve worry and stress. She facilitates groups and individuals to enhance their creativity, laughter, and peace.

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