Have you been silently struggling,
With grief  or exhaustion?
Feeling alone with worry, overwhelm or stress?
Pushing through what you’re feeling,
Hoping to get to the other side somehow?


The High Cost oF Never Resting

You know you need to slow down and rest, but don’t know how or where to begin.

You need some space and time for yourself, but are overwhelmed by responsibilities to everyone else.

You need time on a deserted island to nurture yourself in your sorrow, but where is that island amidst the turmoil of your days?

You thirst for comfort and calm to free yourself from anxious thoughts that spin and splay, and bring you down.

How Beautiful it is to do nothing, and then to rest afterward.

        ~ Spanish Proverb


What You May Have Never Learned

All lives have struggle and sorrow. Right now, you may be experiencing struggle and sorrow. Whether it’s a scary health crisis, the loss of a loved one, career disappointment, running on worry and fear, or simply trying to do too much all the time without rest.

And yet we live in a world where we aren’t taught how to meet ourselves in those difficult moments.

We are encouraged to push on and push through. To take the “right” steps. To solve the “problem” to get back to being ok again.

What we aren’t taught is how to stay with ourselves. How to meet the bigger, deeper feelings moving through us and with us.

What we aren’t taught is how to find some peace, not because we’ve solved all our problems, but because we’ve learned to rest.

Rest provides space for your heart and mind to relax and float, and make connections not normally seen. 

        ~ Elizabeth Welles


Hi, I’m Elizabeth and in 2018 when I lost my mom, the rug was suddenly swept out from under my feet. My whole world, as I knew it, crashed and ended. My nervous system was also crashing in exhaustion and grief. Anxiety visited like paratroopers storming the belly on a constant basis. Grief wasn’t coming in waves; it was one long tsunami. I knew I had to find a way to stop and rest, to take care of myself no matter what. Thankfully, my mother had always been the great rester. She knew how to stop the world, and retreat to a place deep inside of herself. In the traumatic grief I experienced, I could feel her lovingly encouraging me to rest. “Rest, Rest, Rest,” I felt her say. “You need to rest. I can come to you in rest. I can lift you up in rest. Please rest.” And that’s when the 4 steps of How to Rest were born. It is my hope that you will find a new perspective on rest, and a new way to rest, even during life’s challenging moments. And that, with a new way to rest, a deeper peace will find you.


When You Learn to Rest

When you learn to rest you begin to meet and accept yourself with all of who you are: in your grief, in your exhaustion, sadness or anger, however you are.

When you learn to rest you are able to restore lost energies, to feel greater ease in your heart and remember a peace in your cells, even if your situation is still challenging.

When you learn to rest, you bring more compassion and empathy into your life for yourself.

When you learn to rest you begin to experience a renewed sense of purpose and strength.
Creative ideas become available to you that support the direction you want to move in.

When you learn to rest you find a fierce kindness for yourself, even in the hard places of your life. 

When you learn to rest, you begin to recognize how to find comfort and, in the corners and small spaces of your life, comfort begins to find you.


Finding Peace through the Power of Rest
A Loving Guide for the Wearied, the Anxious, and the Grieving
A Special Course to Learn to Rest

Relax ~ Exhale ~ Surrender ~ Trust 

This course will help you think about rest So differently that you will ~

  • Understand what rest can do for you
  • Discover how to find peace at your own pace in your own way
  • Restore your energy with this kinder approach to life
  • Bring back harmony and warmth to your own heart space
  • Honor your need for rest and take the time to rest (sometimes known as stopping to smell the roses)
  • Regain your clarity and focus with a unique approach that features meditations, reflections, poetry and art
Here’s More of What’s Inside

Session 1: What is Rest? An Introduction

Session 2: What Rest Can do for You

Session 3: Resting Without Outcome

Session 4: Give Yourself Time to Rest

Session 5: Prepare to Rest

Session 6: How to REST (R=Relax)

Session 7: How to REST (E=Exhale)

Session 8: Sometimes, Even a Breathing Practice Can be Hard to Do

Session 9: Relax + Exhale ~ Combining the Two

Session 10: How to REST (S=Surrender)

Session 11: How to REST (T=Trust)

Session 12: How to Transition Out of Rest

Session 13: Putting It All Together

Session 14: Resting on the Go

Session 15: On Anxiety and Rest

Session 16: Grief and Rest

Session 17: There Are Many Ways to Rest

Session 18: Compassion and Kindness to Yourself in Rest

Session 19: A Restful Meditation

Session 20: Thank You for Stopping to REST


Session 21: Anchors of Peace — How to Find Rest After Your Loved One Has Died

Session 22: Supplements for Sleep

Session 23: Sacred Sleep Rituals

24 & 25 COMING SOON!

Session 24: Consciousness, Metta, and Rest

Session 25: The Art of Play and Rest

Appendix: Journaling for Rest & Grief
Additional Resources & Media Guide



In a world that doesn’t rest

Imagine …  

Imagine if you woke up in the morning feeling calm and rested.

Imagine if you knew how to stop and take breaks and rest through your day.

Imagine if you felt met in your sorrow and grief instead of feeling defeated or lost or having to hide.

Imagine finding more time for yourself to relax and enjoy life.

Imagine integrating a new way to think about rest with these four simple steps that changes your life:

Relax ~ Exhale ~ Surrender ~ Trust


About the Course 

Through a multi-faceted and creative approach, that combines stories, meditation, poetry and art, and the visual experience of beauty, you will be met with validation and comfort. Plus, the process of moving though this course is restful. It’s easy on the eyes and gently laid out with bite-size pieces of information and practices that are readily assimilated and absorbed without the stress of information overload. With its four powerful steps, you will discover a fuller-bodied and sensorial awareness of rest through your days so that life becomes smoother and more spacious. It includes: 

Instructional or Story Videos

to prepare you to rest, practice rest, and transition out of rest


Guided Audio Meditations

to help you integrate REST into your life


Video Reflections

to serve as a catalyst for your own insights

Poetic Art pieces

to soothe and comfort your soul

Suggestions for Journal Writing


“The “REST” technique has enhanced my life immeasurably, and my ability to rest deeply is more in my control than it has ever been.”

“I thought rest was sleep and we already know all about that but as Elizabeth explains, RESTING is so much more. It is about nourishing yourself on a spiritual level, honoring where you are at in your life, and being kind to yourself in the present moment. When I understood this, I ended up cutting back on my work hours to make more time for me!” 

The most quiet whispers of your soul, your own inner voice, can be heard in the in between spaces between what was and what will be. ~Elizabeth Welles


How to Rest is Perfect for you if you are:

  • Grieving the loss of someone or something significant in your life
  • A Caregiver with no time to care for yourself
  • An Educator, Entrepreneur or Executive on the verge of burnout
  • A Mother or Father trying to do everything on your own
  • A Veteran or a First Responder on the front lines
  • A Social Activist stretched to your limits
  • An overwhelmed artist  swirling with all you have to get done
  • Waking anxious in the middle of the night 
  • Spinning in the middle of your day trying to cope
  • Feeling lost without meaning or purpose
  • Needing comfort and kindness, and a reason to stop and rest

There Has never been a better time
to Invite Yourself to Rest


If you are like many others, you’ve tried to do this yourself, but may have abandoned the effort without structure.

With this course, you will rethink your priorities immediately.
You will carve out the time to slow down.

And you will entertain how to rest more through your day.

Instead of ending your day exhausted, overwhelmed and depleted, REST offers you the possibility of transitioning through the different parts of your day with love and kindness for yourself, leaving you with more energy and peace.

In this way you will be able to take care of whatever comes your way with a little more heart-ease. 

Finding Peace through the Power of Rest is $495

Buy it, try it, apply it.

There’s no risk with our 7-day money back guarantee.

There is nothing you have to do.
A relaxed heart and mind is your natural state.
~ Elizabeth Welles
What Others Have to Say

Susan Kartzmer, Educator

With her deep wisdom and unmatched understanding of the human experience, Elizabeth Welles sure handedly guides us so we may achieve a vital yet elusive basic need: the need to rest. The “REST” technique has enhanced my life immeasurably, and my ability to rest deeply is more in my control than it has ever been. The information is wrapped in a beautiful and elegant skillful presentation of meditations, art, stories and music, powerful tools to soothe the mind, body, and soul.

Julio E. Reyes-Alvarado

I have taken Finding Peace through the Power of Rest ~ A Loving Guide for the Wearied, the Anxious, and the Grieving, and have enjoyed the quiet time, opening my heart to her guided meditations. Elizabeth has, without a doubt, created one the best healing programs which allows those struggling with anxiety, depression, and stress to go within and find that place which will bring about peace and serenity to their lives.

Our nonprofit, Awakening Wholeness, Inc. (AWI) will undoubtedly benefit in introducing her work as part of our Wellness Program. We are honored in having Elizabeth Welles as a partner and friend. Our Veteran, First Responders, and their families who suffer with PTSD will benefit greatly.

Susan Atchison, LCPC

Finding Peace through the Power of Rest is a beautiful gem, bringing illumination to those in need of feeling understood and safe enough to finally unwind and rest. As a licensed counselor, I endorse Elizabeth’s full sensory approach, which honors the body, mind, and spirit in a gentle and supportive way. It is clear from the content in this course that she has experienced painful loss, and embodies an uncommon wisdom to meet the pain of others right where they are. Through the combination of art, audio and visual meditations and reflections, song, story, and the Four Steps to REST, she has created a comforting way for every individual to explore and discover a deeper peace and rest within their very own selves and world. As an added bonus, her voice is so soothing that I could rest just by listening to her read the phonebook. 

Terri Alamo

In Finding Peace through the Power of Rest by Elizabeth Welles you learn what REST really is, why it is important and how to make it a part of your life. I didn’t get it at first. I thought rest was sleep and we already know all about that but as Elizabeth explains, RESTING is so much more. It is about nourishing yourself on a spiritual level, honoring where you are at in your life, and being kind to yourself in the present moment. When I understood this, I ended up cutting back on my work hours to make more time for me! Take your time with this course and give yourself that gift. Whether you are grieving, overwhelmed or just want to give yourself a respite from this world, How to Rest is for you!

Meet Elizabeth
Your How to Rest Guide

 While writing is the hub of my wheel and where I began at the age of seven, that wheel has many spokes as author, actress-storyteller, teacher and healer. I love the art of storytelling in any form and playing with the Word, be it on the page or the stage. I am the author of books, creator of meditations, one-woman shows, and Luminous Visions Art. Appreciative Inquiry and an indescribable “It” factor play into serving clients and audiences. But the true spirit behind my work is to listen deeply (and to laugh deeply) and to alleviate suffering in the hearts of the people I meet, inspiring creativity, laughter & peace.

There is healing and creative power in our words, written and spoken. Our powers of creative self-expression can give rise to a deep self-witnessing. Conversely, a deep self-witnessing can give rise to creative self-expression. The relationship between our witnessing self and our creativity allows us to rest in a new paradigm of self-acceptance and self-appreciation, which in itself is healing. This kind of “healing” brings awareness of a Universal Peace that doesn’t live faraway in a land over yonder, but that lives in our very own cells. Its innate intelligence and knowing helps us to navigate the difficult passages in our lives. This Peaceful Intelligence guides us to additional and daily rest—when we learn how to listen and heed its call. 


If you have questions I have answers



Do you offer refunds?

There is a 7-day guarantee, but after that, no. Because purchasing this course means you get an all-access pass once inside. By purchasing this course, you are sweetly dedicating yourself to yourself, to learning how to slow down and rest to find greater ease in your life. You are committing to listening to the audios and watching the videos, which will help you to rest! With the short course modules and accoutrements provided, I’ve genuinely made this course as sweet and kind, and easy as humanly possible. But if you don’t want to read through the short course modules and listen to the audios and watch the videos, my advice is … don’t purchase the course. 

Unbuckle your seat belt and take off your shoes to relax and enroll today!

Okay, Elizabeth, I’m ready, let’s do this!


Finding Peace through the Power of Rest



Buy it, try it, apply it.

There’s no risk with our 7-day money back guarantee.

Watch these videos to Learn Why

REST is so powerful