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Angels in Our Midst

French Countryside

Mystic Grace


Green Life

Winged Ones

Column People

                                                 Angel Wings

                                 Sweet Faces

Triangles 1


Flowers for You

Welcome Softness

Flowering Peace

Through the Sea

Ocean Mirror

Flowers Flowers Everywhere 2

Dancing Princess

Cottage in the Trees


Ribbons Evolve 


Tree Hugger


Sweet Repose

Eye of the Dragonfly.jpg

I Breathe Light

Hallway of Orbs

Golden One

Light Flow


Treasures by the Sea


Golden Nandi

In the Cave

Flying Into Pink


Flowers in Flight

Faces of Water

Cactus Dreams


Temple Gods

Up on the Temple


Umbrella Lights

Bridge Over Water

Sacred Triangle Dreams

Peacock Color

Secrets in the Sand Under a Violet Sky F

Dad Love

Light My Way


Radiant Ones

Mary’s Garden

Ice Palace



Hall of Mystery and Color

Cottage Mist

Global Loving Masses

Stained Glass

Open Doors


Marigold India 1

Marigold 2

Hear My Prayer

Footsteps in the Sand

Follow Your Heart

Yellow Light

Two Orange Friends


Purple Delight

I See You

In the Beginning

The Writer or Rider Or At My Easel

Blue Petalled Dreams

Sitting Water

Angel in the Doorway


Bella Bell

Castle Moon

Castle Mystere

Doors to Other Realms



Red July Series #1



Pink Petal Cups

Flowers and Doors

Cactus Nights

Awakening Woman Sees

Lean into Love

Up on the Roof

Woman by the Stream

Mary’s Cave

Jewelry I

Jewelry II

Miraculous One

Worlds Connected

Mother Mirage

The Traveler

Forest Prayers Series #1

Payer in the Woods #2

Flower Dancers


Holy Cow

Lemon Dance

Love Ducks

Take a Ride with Me

[ Green Dreams

                               Ribbons II

                              Merry Mares


                                                 Yellow Joy

Cottage in the Trees

Sprial Ball of Light Series 1
Spiral Ball of Light 2
Spiral Ball of Light 3

Spiral Ball of Light 4

Ancient Mysteries #1

Orange 1

Orange 2

Orange 3

Into the Light

Flowers in the Light

I See You Flowers

Mother Child Reunion

Queen of the Desert

Together We Dream

                                                  Lambodara Das