Do You:

  • Know you need to slow down and rest, but don’t know how or where to begin?

  • Feel stressed, overwhelmed, and unwell?
  • Need some space and time for yourself, but are overwhelmed by responsibilities to others?
  • Thirst for comfort and calm to free yourself from anxious thoughts that spin and splay, and bring you down?

You will leave this webinar with a new understanding of why rest is important in ALL areas of your life: physical, mental-emotional, intellectual, time, artistic-creator, social political, connection, and remembrance.

You will leave knowing the Four Steps to R.E.S.T.

  • How rest enhances creativity and possibility
  • How rest helps you connect to yourself, to nature, to others, and the greater world beyond
  • How rest gives you more time and a wider compassionate vision in your world view
  • You will gain a new mindset about why resting is necessary for you and how it may be the missing piece to help you find greater peace and live your best life.

Give yourself the time to watch this webinar without distraction and you will come away with a feeling of greater peace.

About Your Host

Hi, I’m Elizabeth and in 2018 when I lost my mom, the rug was suddenly swept out from under my feet. My whole world, as I knew it, crashed and ended. My nervous system was also crashing in exhaustion and grief. Anxiety visited like paratroopers storming the belly on a constant basis. Grief wasn’t coming in waves; it was one long tsunami. I knew I had to find a way to stop and rest, to take care of myself no matter what. Thankfully, my mother had always been the great rester. She knew how to stop the world, and retreat to a place deep inside of herself. In the traumatic grief I experienced, I could feel her lovingly encouraging me to rest. “Rest, Rest, Rest,” I felt her say. “You need to rest. I can come to you in rest. I can lift you up in rest. Please rest.” And that’s when the 4 steps of How to Rest were born.

While writing is the hub of my wheel and where I began at the age of seven, that wheel has many spokes as author, actress-storyteller, teacher and healer. I love the art of storytelling in any form and playing with the Word, be it on the page or the stage. I am the author of books, creator of meditations, one-woman shows, and Luminous Visions Art. Appreciative Inquiry and an indescribable “It” factor play into serving clients and audiences. But the true spirit behind my work is to listen deeply (and to laugh deeply) and to alleviate suffering in the hearts of the people I meet, inspiring creativity, laughter & peace.
The most quiet whispers of your soul, your own inner voice, can be heard in the in between spaces between what was and what will be. ~Elizabeth Welles