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One-on-One Creativity Mentoring

Sometimes you need someone to talk to, a shoulder to lean on, a mentor, guide, a consultant or coach. Someone who has your best interests in mind and listens to you with no agenda except to listen compassionately and openly to intuitively guide you in accordance with your highest creative well-being.

My consulting work varies from person to person because no two individuals are alike. Therefore no two sessions are alike.

The OASIS Process ~ Opening A Space for Inner Serenity

The OASIS Process offers a refuge from burnout & overwhelm for employees, executives, and health professionals by providing a space to rest and reset, and to restore and be inspired in creative ways.

It includes experiential learning, introducing unique principles supported by scientific understanding in a compassionate and safe environment creating powerful shifts that can last a lifetime.

Meditation by Design

Meditation by Design is a meditation designed just for you, created with your needs in mind. Specific to you and what is going on in your life. Designed with a breathing practice and a body-relaxation that works for you. Designed with imagery that works for you and for what you would love to create. Created with a sense of peace and spaciousness, designed to connect you to your own intuition and wisdom. Created with ease and playfulness that gets you out of your head and into the powerful present now. Designed to fulfill your sense of peace and joy, to support your overall health and well-being.

There are no limits as to what the meditation can be about.


Stories stretch the imagination and make the unbelievable believable, the impossible possible, expanding the horizons of what can be created. Listening to stories give us the opportunity to kick back and relax, and lift ourselves above disappointment, dross, and anxiety. Even difficult stories remind us that we are not isolated in our experience and that hope is eternal. For storytelling is as old as time. Through story, song and dance, we have lived and loved, created community, celebrated and grieved. Stories make us human and connect us soul to soul. They are a road and a path into the silence, from where more stories will spin. And they are the breath of life, singing to us her song.


Elizabeth Welles offers Keynote Addresses, Workshops and other Inspirational Talks customized to your event be it corporate or casual fun.

Private & Corporate Workshops

Elizabeth Welles offers workshops on a myriad of topics for companies, organizations, for small groups, for parties, and non-profits fundraisers. 

International Event Planning & Facilitation

Elizabeth Welles helps organizations in their event planning and online event planning and facilitation.

What People Are Saying

“Elizabeth helped me regain my confidence and focus. A session with Elizabeth is like taking a two week vacation.”
– Beth Salamon, Advertising Adm. Assistant


“During my cancer treatments I listened to Meditation for Relaxation. What we noticed was that it was the ONLY thing our grandson, age 2, would fall asleep to. Nothing else worked. Your voice has a soothing quality to be heard. Thank you from the baby and us!”
– Tamara Engel, Psychotherapist


“Elizabeth combines a compassion for people with a true gift for healing that is rare to find.”
– Richard Lipton, Television Producer


“In my life of deadlines, shoulds, and have to’s, Elizabeth is the fresh air which fills my being with peace.”
– Cidny Klein, Painter