Women’s Visions


The Action of Creativity is birthed through the Receptive

Women’s Visions, Women’s Voices
A unique forum for women

Women are masters of the receptive, masters of intuition. But we have been duped into thinking we must be on the go all the time, always doing more and more at a frenetic pace.  Let us call that assumption into question and remember that we can also move in a way that honors our receptive nature—acting from an inner stillness and engaging silence. For where activity is the way to share, receptivity is the way to gain all.

When that still small voice roars, it becomes women’s voices spearheading movements for peace and social change. Individual voices giving rise to collective voices that contain power to uplift, renew, and heal.

Through meditation, stories, writing, sound, and movement we will explore the nature of inspiration, how it operates in our lives, and the creative actions that bring fulfillment and joy onto the earth. We will share our visions that honor compassion and wisdom. And we will re-member the peace that already is inside of us. We will let our inspiration shine: heart, word, body, soul, and mind. For we are the movers, the shakers, we are the peacemakers.

From The Introduction of Women Celebrate: The Gift in Every Moment

Shortly after September 11, 2001, a date that is emblazoned on our consciences, I received an email that quoted an old Indian Proverb. “A nation is not lost as long as the women’s hearts are still high. Only when the women’s hearts are on the ground – then all is finished, and the nation dies. The women are the life carriers.” It is time, it has always been time, but it is now time more than ever, for women to come forth with our wisdom and knowledge, and our right to entitlement intact; entitlement that is not at the expense of another, but entitlement that lifts our Selves and all others up. A Norwegian proverb states, “There is a Queen in every woman. Speak to the Queen and the Queen will answer.” Such Self-recognition is the gift. For we are the salt of the earth and the givers of life, whether we make babies, food, art, whether we run businesses or corporate America . We receive seed and we then give forth. We fold in and then burst in bloom. We create and we destroy. What a capacity we have to reclaim and own the beauty, strength and compassion that is naturally ours, and that we have come here, in the flesh, to celebrate. Our hearts may be bleeding and open, but they are not broken nor will not be trampled on the ground. The human heart, the largest container in the Universe, is a well without end able to hold all suffering and grief, beauty, laughter, and relief. We are strong in our vulnerabilities, unshakable in our collective resolve, and this landscape for celebration and honor of life is available not only to women, but to all people everywhere, right now. It is a landscape to be embraced as real in our hearts, for it already is.

This program is available as a workshop, retreat weekend or week-long program.