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Through Your Own Creative Vision & Voice

So …

How do you become more creative?

How do you relax and embody peace?

What stories do you want to tell?

How do you meditate and rest?

How do you navigate transition?

What is next in your life?

Let’s find out and soar!


Gentle Rest Course
How to Rest  

Journaling Workshop
Write Your Way to Peace 

Creativity & Meditation
Meditation by Design

Deepen Your Understanding of Rest
Rest in Times of Unrest Webinar

If you have been spinning on the wheel of life, worried, drained, and exhausted, you CAN slow down and find ways to relax.

You can find ways to honor yourself and all the stuff that hurts, the grief and loss that touches all lives at some point, or you can keep stuffing it down, putting a plastered smile on your face as if nothing is wrong.

You can discover ways to remember yourself, your larger picture, your creative voice and well-being, your self-expression.

You can experience a sacred connection in your life, define your life in your own way, with kindness and self-compassion, and see that connection infuse your world.

You can know that you and your story matters. Your creativity matters. And that your story and creativity are gifts to a world in need.

For Individuals

I am your guide into your own interior landscape, where your beautiful and powerful vision and voice are waiting to be heard and activated with connection to your outer life and world. I will help you find deeper relaxation, and offer concrete suggestions for actions that will support what you love and give you energy, while helping you remain receptive to what gives your life meaning and joy.

I help business owners and executives hone the story they want to tell and the story they want to live by. I help them when they are in transitional phases of life searching for creative self-expression and greater healthy living, both personally and professionally.

I help smart, sensitive, and creative women who long for more depth and substance in their life. By providing a nurturing, creative sanctuary, you are able to discover and bring all the brilliance of your own visions and voice to your world in the way that you want to, in a way that is in alignment with the values of your heart.

Your creativity, your laughter, your peace, and your health are important. When you feel heard and acknowledged, and are given creative wings to fly, you touch the web of life. Like gossamer fabric, your creativity and your stories will move and shimmer, veil and uncover that the deepest truth is love.

Prices are tailored to the program right for you and to your specific needs, call 323-682-4025 for a free consultation.

For Corporations

I provide talks, workshops, speaking and entertainment events that offer employees, executives, business owners, and health professionals a refuge from burnout & overwhelm. By offering a space to rest and reset, inspiration is restored in creative ways. It includes experiential learning, introducing cutting edge principles supported by scientific understanding in a compassionate environment to bring about powerful shifts that can last a lifetime. You find greater peace and well-being that enhances compassionate connection to yourself and to others.

Call 323-682-4025 for a free consultation.

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Meditation By Design

What People Are Saying

“Guests rave about her programs, and we hire her again and again.”

“Her perceptiveness, creativity, articulateness, and especially her intuitive sensibility set her apart”

How to get started 

Book 15 minutes with me in which time we will navigate what is working and what you would like to work even better to enhance your connection to yourself with compassion and peace. We will formulate your creative plan to move forward if this is the path you wish to pursue. Serious inquiries only.

Who am I? 

  • A creator whose creative muse sees your muse and knows how to invite it out to play
  • A master in the power of language, imagery, meditation and rest that contributes to revelation and relief
  • A listener who hears the wisdom in your own heart and gives honor to your life experiences
  • A nurturer who helps you soften into a landscape where peace and comfort live, luminous and alive
  • A storyteller and grief advocate, who honors all the messy stuff and the things we cannot control in life
  • A dancer with the Spirit of Play and the Spirit of Peace and the Voice of Compassion
  • A ceremonialist who gives reverence to the gentle heart of all matter
  • An appreciator of practical down-to-earth wisdom and the dreams of wonder that treasure the heart
  • A practitioner of compassionate communication and empathic listening
  • An inspirer of creativity, laughter, relaxation, and peace because it is so natural
  • A guide and witness who accompanies you on the journey
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Unfathomable Podcast

There are some things in this world that are just unfathomable.

Whether you are dealing with immeasurable loss and grief, exploring your creativity or a new area of your life, wondering about this extraordinary universe, finding your own spirituality, or searching for that something ‘more,’ this podcast is for you.

Luminous Visions Art

Luminous Visions ~ Art That Invites You In ~

Are your walls empty and blank, longing for love and attention?
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That’s where Luminous Visions come in.


Journaling for Well-Being & Peace
Meditation for Relaxation
Women Celebrate: The Gift in Every Moment
Cathy’s Gentle Yoga
What People Are Saying

“Elizabeth conducts tailored individual and group sessions and people who work with her rave about her. I am one. In just one session, she was able to improve my interview performance significantly. I know the agency world, and I believe any agency could benefit from having someone like Elizabeth available. However, there is only one Elizabeth. Her perceptiveness, creativity, articulateness and especially her intuitive sensibility set her apart.”
Stuart A. Cowan, Executive Consultant


“…it is story-telling of the highest order: funny and serious, a journey of the mind and the spirit as well as of the body… She possesses a radiant good-nature and a quirky comic talent rooted in her inner life… She has a great stage presence, a vibrant psychic and physical energy… She LIVES on stage.”
Gene Lasko Director & Producer


“What Elizabeth Welles has accomplished with Journaling for Well-Being & Peace is astounding. This book is a specific guide to the world of journaling that offers the reader an opportunity to safely explore his or her interior and exterior worlds. Ms. Welles brings a compassionate, unique dimension, depth and breadth unlike any other book about journaling I have seen…”
Dale Atkins, Ph.D. Psychologist, author of Sanity Savers: Tips for Women to Live a Balanced Life,
and frequent guest expert on The TODAY Show