You were a warrior when young
Then the world crouched in and a worrier you became
And then you stood up and the world crouched out
And Riser you became

Regardless of the world, regardless of naysayers, of unconscious ones
A Rise you became
Rise I rise

Rising like the sun
Like perennial plants that return and come
Nothing stops sun
Nothing stops plants and trees
No blockages in the way
No obstacles come to play

Risers rise
Rise I rise

Courage their flame
Love is their name
Risers sing of Spirit’s Call
Of which their Souls must speak and flow
To find this or that door


India Tree

Discover Earth and Heaven’s core
Joined in the Riser

Melodies exalt
Celestial colors dance
Angels abound and appear
Messengers with words of love
Of peace and increasing light

Suns returns
Skies are lit
Earth is warmed
In the Presence of such a One


A Riser you become
A Riser you are

words, art and photos
© by Elizabeth Welles


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