A Word About Journaling


 A Word About Journaling

Your powerful story-words can hold seeds of brilliance to what ails you. Your visionary qualities and the best of your stories, even sorrowful ones, contain access points for healing and creativity. Your words can touch, move, awaken and be a gift to others. Your words, poetry, stories and song, can have a positive and lasting impact to enlarge compassions and inspire others to action.

The poet, William Carlos Williams wrote, “… by writing I rescue myself under all sorts of conditions, whatever it may be that has upset me, then I can write and it relieve the feeling of distress.”

The journal is cathartic in that it assists in unburdening you from grief, and releasing what no longer belongs in your life.

Elizabeth provided me with concrete tools to ease me through a period of grief and loss. Her letter writing idea- one of many useful, soulful techniques – helped me to heal a hurting heart and go forward with my life with more joy and connectedness to my creative self.  She really knows how to listen and can accomplish small miracles in even one session.

— Jenny Phelps, Librarian

Anais Nin wrote, “This is my essential reason for writing, not for fame, not to be celebrated after death, but to heighten and create life all around me. I also write because when I am writing I reach the high moment of fusion sought by the mystics, the poets, the lovers, a sense of communion with the universe.”

Journaling allows the creative gems of your inner coffers to find their way to the surface of your life. It’s a tool that provides inspiration, seeds and solutions for your creative endeavors. Including works of art, business ventures, and political action.

When I met with Elizabeth, I was blocked creatively, overwhelmed by to do lists and responsibilities. All I said to her was ‘I need help feeling creative again. I’m burned out.’ From that wonderful session with her, sprang forth a wealth of creative ideas. I put to use the suggestions she had to enhance my creative writing space and things to do to nourish my spirit. The creative spurt has not halted, thank Goodness. I thank Elizabeth.
—Author, name held upon request

Brenda Euland wrote, “Think of yourself as an incandescent power, illumined, perhaps, and forever talked to by God and his messengers.”

Journaling provides a way to organize your thoughts. It creates peace, helps sustain balance, and connects you to
your soul.

You would not believe how far I’ve come since we last met. My healing started with my first journaling workshop with you. I continued journaling for years and years and then stopped. I had come to a point in my healing that there was nothing to say. I’ve started journaling again and it is so fulfilling. PS – Love your newsletter.
 —Steffi T.

You may not think your words, your story, poem or song is important. You may not think what you have to say is worth anything, or even matters. But what I know is that it is the seed and seat where your brilliance lies: your unique note, your song, your prayer and core.

Elizabeth Welles is more than a healer. She’s an inspiration. She invoked my creativity, which I feared had seen its day. She empowers, inspires and encourages. Thank you for reminding me, I am an artist.
—Cindy Gregor, Ojai, CA

The Journaling Series provides you with a unique opportunity to de-stress and find greater levels of balance and relaxation by putting at bay The Doing Monster and The Inner Boss. It provides you with the time to enhance your Spirit and hear the Voice of Creativity—your unique voice. And finally, to explore the Mystic Heart that holds your Cup of Peace.

This Series is a live class that meets by Webinar and teleseminar two hours a week with Elizabeth Welles, all from the comfort of your home or work-space.