I need the following elements on this page available to use:

1.Large across the page image with opacity on it with text over it in color that shows, preferably white that also has button on it.

2. Green divider on white that allows for text within it like on this page : https://mmtcp.soundstrue.com/

3. Image accross full width with opaque box on only one side opaque enough to show grey text.

4.green textured centered box that does not go all the way accross but is centered that can have white text and bullets

5. grey section all the way across that shows text/images in columns light enough to show grey text

6.white section with text on the right side but circled images on the left side of sections of text

7.image all the way across with scripted font on top as quote

8.testimonial section that looks nice – probably not slider but horizontal that show images of people then their words round pic preferably

9. dark green textured sections where white icons and text can go

10. white section with green icons in boxes across like their grey ones that allow words under icons

11. questions? section that has her pic in cirlce then questions on right but is offset by full divider lines in green? would like these to be dropdown so may look better another way

no header or footer