On Compassion for Caregivers ~ The Angels of Earth


If you are inclined to get on Creative Compassion, formerly The Story Circle,
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Access to a 15-minute video meditation towards the end of this post is available to you. It was created to help you find a greater sense of self-acceptance and love. For really, it is about you, the one who watches over another. You, the Angels of Earth who, in times of love and stress, continue to ...

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Follow Your Dot

***Following Your Heart to dots with text copy 2

This past holiday season, I walked into a store and listening to their holiday jazzy songs piped over their sound system, I waited for the clerk to help me. Waiting half-an-hour, the energy drained from my body. I craved to do nothing for a long time. Nothing. It feels good to write ...

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The Puzzle of Gratitude: Is it Just Another Platitude?


DreamsA few weeks ago, I received an email from a pastor asking me to speak at her church. I asked her if she had any suggestions and she wrote, “How about gratitude?”

I paused and then wrote back. ““Well, that’s funny. Gratitude? I have a lot of anger and resentment these days… Not committed yet but will think on this.”

Always up for ...

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When You Are a Caregiver, Where Does the Art Fit In?

Holy GroundHoly Ground

It doesn’t.
It doesn’t.

And if you’re someone like me, who needs a good amount of mental spaciousness and a place free of clutter, so your mind and imagination can soar, then it never fits in.

It doesn’t.

But you dutifully try until you wonder if you even care about art anymore or anything at all.

You ...

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Decluttering to Create: On Getting Rid of Stuff & Creativity

What I would love in this new year?

To write!!
To paint again, with real paint!!!

Childhood Art #1

I’ve been getting rid of old stuff
Some of it really old
Like tons of things from when I was a wee tot

Sitting in the garage for decades and decades.
Do you have any of that old stuff lying around?

Old art
Old school records
Old school book reports
Old family bank statements from the ...

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I Wish I Had A Compass ~ Finding Your Creative Way

I sometimes wish I had a compass but anger and sadness can be a kind of compass. They can give information for life’s direction. The thing is one has to be willing to listen and see where the compass points, and then go for it. Moving in the direction that the compass spins, regardless that you may have been given only one small step to take, can be difficult if ...

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The Power of Story to Bring World Peace

The Power of Story to Bring World Peace

Storytelling is as old as time itself
Through story, song and dance we have lived and loved
Created community, celebrated and grieved
We hear and tell them constantly
Stories make us uniquely human
and connect us soul to soul

~ Elizabeth Welles

The black barbershops were packed. Das wandered the street, saw another barber pole, and walked into the white ...

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The Voice Code ~ Awaken the Mystical Power Within ~ Part 1

Your voice has the power to heal.

Your voice has the power to invite energy and create.

Your voice has the power to bring you into a deeper silence.

Your voice has the power to connect you to your miraculous Self.

Earlier this year, I met a man in a hot tub—where many inspired conversations begin. ...

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Writing Through Grief

This article was originally posted on www.createwritenow.com

Give sorrow words.
The grief that does not speak

whispers the o’er fraught heart and bids it break.

                                                ~William Shakespeare~

Grief is grief and loss is loss. Whether you have lost a loved one, whether you are between jobs, whether you have lost your health, your wealth, your sense of purpose, or ...

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The Accidental Artist

Did you ever begin something for fun that then turned on its head and
became something more?

Late one night in the middle of
March, I started fooling around on the
computer with my old photographs –
all 8000 or so of them. I started to
layer them. And layer and layer
and layer until they became
something more.

Then something else happened.
People liked them. Then something
else happened. They ...

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Journaling Frees the Mind from Everyday Stress

By Shelley Handley, April 2013
Graphics Editor

Elizabeth Wells
Photo courtesy of Elizabeth Welles
Elizabeth Welles, professional writer and speaker, performance artist and poet and authority on journaling, spoke to group of students in the PVCC Bruxton Library.

Elizabeth Welles has been journaling since she was a child of seven. On a trip to Europe her mother gave her a little black book and told her, “This is your diary to ...

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What Would You Love To Create?

Your creative expression is unique to you.
So what would you love to create?

The question and words ‘What would you love to create?’ Or ‘What would I love to create?’ are specific. Would is a word of invitation. It is different from could. The word could is conditional. It has definitive answers associated with it, usually a yes or no. You can always do something but would you want ...

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COJOMÉ & Journaling ~ In the News

To View the Full Release

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Nationally known author, speaker, performance artist and poet
Elizabeth Welles will be appearing  at Paradise Valley Community College and will speak on Journaling for Well-Being, creativity and meditation.
The event will be held from 12 noon to 1pm at PVCC Buxton Library and is free and open to the public.

On March 2nd she will present ‘COJOME’ to Eat Write and Relax, a 3-hour presentation on cooking, journaling and meditation in Scottsdale, ...

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The Good News About Your Creativity ~ Part I

You are gifted with a myriad of creative possibilities, many rivers and many streams. This understanding provides a portal that there are outlets for your creative quests. There are solutions to answers, mysteries to be embraced, help for quandaries, and missions for your desires. There is joy, beauty, relief and peace in this knowing.

Creativity acts in and through your life all the time. Your creative ...

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Writing Beyond Grief with The Voice of Compassion

I began writing as a young storyteller before the age of seven. I learned the benefits of cathartic writing only later at about the age of eleven. Writing out my pain relieved the suffering. It took off the top layer so healing could occur. For example, writing till the tears streamed down my face to then gain clarity as to the real emotion behind my upset. ‘Oh yeah, I’m not angry. I’m hurt and sad.’ I then could ...

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