Additional Shows

Additional Shows

Women’s Visions, Women’s Voice

In the joyous tradition of storytelling and story sharing, Ms. Welles’ paints an evening of women as natural leaders. Silly, spicy, maybe even a tad salacious, powerful women traveling through time encounter the circumstances in their lives—and the men in their lives, to ultimately speak from their hearts to move warmly and wisely towards that which calls them to freedom, their own visions and voice. Stories, poems, monologues and song, which may include excerpts from Women Celebrate: The Gift in Every Moment. Uplifting and thought provoking content but when designed with your audience in mind, can be toned down to PG13. A reception or Q&A on the journey of the artist-woman-healer can follow.[hr]

In War & Peace

Elizabeth jokes that her pet cause is peace. She’s a child of the sixties and was marching by the age of five, so this evening’s material, both loving and strong, is centered round war and peace. Excellent for peace organizations, women’s organizations, and associations whose leading ideals are to see a peaceful world by enhancing peace in our day-to-day lives and who are working for planetary, global and universal disarmament.[hr]

An Evening of Edge

is an evening filled with stories, poetry, and song that may surprise, shock, or amuse and astound. Risqué and dangerous, this evening’s works contains strong content and is not for the faint of heart, but in the end it is not without its humor and love, joy and celebration for our humanity. Contains language and themes that may raise eyebrows. Adults only.[hr]

Women Celebrate: The Gift in Every Moment

is the book that celebrates women’s bodies, hearts, minds and soul and the journey women take to reclaim their joys. A Q&A about women’s visions and women’s voices, and the opportunity and imperative need for creative peaceful empowerment follows an entertaining read from the book.[hr]