~ How to Rest in Four Easy Steps ~

A Loving Guide for the Wearied, the Anxious, and the Grieved

Hello and Welcome to How to Rest where you will find gentle ways to restore yourself.
With practices, meditations, reflections, stories, audio, visuals, and poetry-art to inspire your journey.

                Sessions 1- 5  is the introduction that prepares you for REST.
                Sessions 6 – 11  is where you discover and practice the four key elements of REST.  
                Sessions 12 – 20  offers additional wisdom about REST and resting.

Please make use of the Afterword, Appendix on journal writing, and Additional Resources, where you will find all the media
for How to Rest is in one place, for your benefit and easy convenience.

May this be a nurturing and inspiring time for yourself to journey into rest, into the center of your peaceful self to find
all the beauty and love that awaits you.

with love,

Elizabeth Welles