What I would love in this new year?

To write!!
To paint again, with real paint!!!

Childhood Art #1

I’ve been getting rid of old stuff
Some of it really old
Like tons of things from when I was a wee tot

Sitting in the garage for decades and decades.
Do you have any of that old stuff lying around?

Old art
Old school records
Old school book reports
Old family bank statements from the 1970’s

Recent art tossed

Thousands of pictures & slides
Thousands of letters and postcards
Going back to the late 1800’s – REALLY!!!!

Tons of old tape cassettes or cd’s you never listened to
But think you will but won’t but think you will ….

Old video tapes
Old film reels
Audio reels
Reels from the 40’s or 50’s
Before you were born … OY VAY!!!

Uh, Yes!

More Childhood Art #2

A lot of it I have to keep around and go through painstakingly because it’s family stuff
Maybe I’ll find a way to take the ‘pain’ out of it

Maybe I’ll find something super valuable in it
For the museums
Or something priceless
Well, I guess sentimental value is priceless
And that may be worth all the time it will take

So, what I also started to do
Was to take pictures of stuff
That I didn’t want to keep
But wanted to remember …
Like old artwork that is torn and folded
But that I kind of liked.

I can use it in my artwork now
But don’t have to keep it anymore

Childhood Art #3 (my brother’s or mine)

Or an old sweater I LOVED, but never wore
So I took a picture of that for memory’s sake
And then the joy of throwing or giving stuff away

It created more space!!! = More JOY!

Yesterday’s Sweater & Today’s Feet

AH … a sigh of relief
And for what though?

To Write!!
To Paint again with real paint!!!

And the cycle begins again to Create!

Music on the Mountains

Was created in-part with Childhood Art #2
and Sacred Mountains
and a Tibetan Bowl
and Piano strings
and Ingenuity
and God

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On DeClutter & Rejoice
Elizabeth Welles © 2015



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