Enhancing the Creative Spirit: Writing and the Creative Process


Enhancing the Creative Spirit:
Writing and the Creative Process

“Creating a greater sense of well-being.”

Enhancing the Creative Spirit: Writing and the Creative Process was created to reawaken the intuitive thinker through the playful use of language and words. Excellent for agencies and individuals who are on the creative edge.

The Seminar

Language and words are generally looked at as left-brain processes, hung on the balance of grammar, syntax, organization and “correct” English. Clear and concise English is an important and powerful tool in the craft of the writer’s world, and to be able to move effortlessly through the spoken world. However the rules of language are often introduced and emphasized at such an early age, that we bypass the joy of writing deeply about experience, and short-circuit the impulse in us that craves for our creativity to find expression in the world of form. Short-circuiting one’s creative impulse dominoes in other areas as well, until we are left feeling dried up, slugging through life with little fresh joy and inspiration.
This seminar temporarily sidesteps the logical in service to the Creative Self that was the initial impetus for any innovative work to begin with. Elizabeth employs simple practices to invite the Creative thinker out in a delightful and engaging manner. Whether you are writing ad copy for corporate America, or simply for yourself, Enhancing the Creative Spirit will further your enjoyment for language and the words you speak and write.


  • Reinvigorates the joy for writing and language.
  • Enhances creativity and self-expression
  • Strengthens clarity about focus and direction.
  • Presents a variety of ways to reduce stress and gain perspective.
  • Provides a deeper connection between personal goals and dreams, and the organization and community’s goals and dreams.
  • Provides practices for relaxation.
  • Enhances presentational style.
  • Supports the body-heart-mind connection.
  • Increases the value and quality of your time.
  • Helps you define success on your own terms.