When I was a young girl I started to purchase and blend my own oils because I wanted a natural and healthy perfume alternative that didn’t involve toxic substances that made me sneeze, close my throat, cough or get sick. I know now that I was probably always chemically sensitive.

Years later, my mom learned about an oil company starting up in Utah. Knowing my penchant for oils, she suggested I get involved. I didn’t. Years after that, I went to India and met a woman we called the Oil Lady. She carried a huge amount of oils and, with them, she helped a lot of people with their bug bites, coughs, sprains, and stomach upsets. She was with the same company my mother told me about years before. She became a friend and a few years later when she no longer went to India, I became the Oil Lady. The company was Young Living Essential Oils or YLEO.

I have now been with YLEO for ten years, using the oils for myself. Never propagating them. But today I want to share them with you. These oils are my medicine. I carry them with me wherever I go: on planes, trains, and automobiles, in and out of the country. I use them for health and beauty, and I love them.

Being the kitchen chemist that I am, I make aromatic art: I use the oils for beauty, scent and perfume, in food, and for atmosphere, to cleanse the environment and protect the space, for healing art as preventative medicine or when I get sick, and as the healthy alternative that supports a life of creativity, joy and peace.

And yes, wherever I go, people say, “You smell so good.” For a solid year, the local bank teller had been after me to get together so she could learn more. We finally did. I can be a little shy and therefore a little slow on the uptake, but no longer. Because of that, you get to benefit from ten years of my exploring this fine aromatic art.

I hope you will give these precious jewels of the Earth a try and perhaps come to love them as much as I. Exploring aromatic art with Health Beauty Oils and Young Living Essential Oils, the healthy alternative.

To learn more, please visit my new site: www.HealthBeautyOils.com


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