International Event Planning & Facilitation

 International event planning, organization, and facilitation requires a steady, warm, focused and flexible leadership that is embracing of different cultures, languages and customs. Elizabeth Welles first began organizing events in high school when she initiated, organized and ran The Orientation Committee for parents and their children entering an alternative high school on Long Island, a program that still runs today. In the early 1980’s, she began organizing conferences for a well-known health professional. Later she became a book publicist in New York City, running publicity tours for authors. As an event planner, moderator, facilitator, and guide, Elizabeth has run online events that have lasted close to six hours with over 100 people across five different continents. Whether you are planning a meeting of international executives or a personal celebration of life for your community, your family and friends, Elizabeth is the go-to person to bring about your successful event in a seamless fashion from start to finish. 

What People Are Saying

I have been fortunate enough to watch Elizabeth Welles put together large international events to create meaningful experiences for clients and audiences. It takes coordination to tackle projects and hurdle challenges in the media that involve a variety of forces: navigating individual temperaments, etiquette, timing, and technical proficiency that cross time zones and different cultures. Her ability to work with all the moving parts, dealing with the details and the large-picture vision is highly efficient. What comes through in the final presentation is a meeting that flows with ease and grace.

Elizabeth’s on-screen presence is warm and inviting. She brings her compassion and care to her delivery of material, and she effortlessly creates inclusivity and belonging for everyone on the call. I have watched her hold space for hours in long meetings with an equanimity and calm that is rock solid. Her ability to communicate with kindness and transparency reverberates so strongly that I have seen people in her meetings – who were not going to speak – suddenly contributing to the call. She cares about the people she works with and the people who attend the events she runs. Additionally, I have seen videos she has created and final edits of meetings, all done with a Master’s touch.

If you want a proficient professional organizer or a host for your next online or in-person event, you want Elizabeth Welles by your side leading your team.

Peter Heisler,
Financial Planner & Investment Banker

I have seen Elizabeth Welles conduct numerous meetings. She is an outstanding leader and excellent online and in-person moderator. She is a master of warm welcomes, setting a positive tone, stating a clear agenda, giving people clear and ample notice when they’re to speak next, and providing a clear summary and finish in order to create highly successful zoom events. Additionally, she has excellent meeting management skills, she drives a perfect balance between people skills and moving the meeting agenda forward.

I am especially impressed with her use of meeting time. Orientation and participant involvement for each program begins long before the meetings with clear communication via emails. Everyone comes to her programs knowing exactly what is required of them and how they can contribute—the perfect set-up to perfect meetings.

Equally impressive is that she is so proficient with the Zoom platform technology that she can serve simultaneously as Technical Host for the program, attending to what is going on, on the screen, while monitoring the chat and spotlighting speakers behind the screen. No additional tech personnel are needed, even for large programs.

I wholeheartedly recommend her to host your next large online event.

Rosella Saltarelli,
International Senior Training & Business Consultant 

I’ve had the good fortune to attend two recent on-line zoom events for ‘Celebrations of Life’ planned and facilitated by Elizabeth Welles. Wow, these events were so well organized and fully honored the person’s life being celebrated, as well as the wishes of their direct family and other attendees. Elizabeth produced these events like this was the most natural thing for her to do, integrating stories, compiling photos to beautifully chosen music, and engaging with all who attended in such a calm, focused, caring, and professional way.

Elizabeth is not only highly skilled and well-versed in technology and zoom, but her ability to handle the multitude of needs and requests from the attendees, whilst maintaining a peaceful and reassuring demeanor was particularly impressive. This is a rare skill indeed! Whenever you have an event that matters, that requires organizational leadership, coupled with the ability to facilitate, you’re going to want to have Elizabeth by your side. I can’t recommend her highly enough, as she goes that extra mile to ensure an event is enjoyable, memorable, and runs seamlessly for all that attend. 

Andrew Colegrave,
Psychology Professor, Monash University, Australia 

Thank you, Elizabeth, for facilitating our final group. What beautiful work you did! So masterful and graceful… It was a joy.

Samuel Borinsky,
Psychotherapist/Psychoanalyst, NYC


 Additional Words about Events by Elizabeth from Attendees:

You rocked it!
Awesome wonderful event.
Well organized and well set-up.

Appreciated your warm welcome. You created the perfect atmosphere for this special celebration. You kept everything moving along smoothly and made any technological challenges feel so small and insignificant. You made everyone feel comfortable sharing, even to the point where I felt inspired and confident to do so. You were perfect in your respect and relations.

Superb program – amazing!

Elizabeth, your centeredness and calmness on the zoom was amazing.
You were very inviting throughout the whole thing, and you stayed as solid as a rock. You were strong, gentle, compassionate and focused.

A beautiful experience and program that is still reverberating with me.

Elizabeth, incredible program! You were so gracious and composed throughout.


What’s Involved in Creating an Event?

Preparation & Organization

An in-depth consultation to understand the event you want to create
Agreement to work
Gathering the (email) addresses
Sending out notifications

Fielding information that comes and keeping up with changes that arise
Formalities: How to address people in their formal names

Creating or organizing videos, music, slide decks, and the stories that will be told

Confirmation emails and notifications as the event date gets closer

Hosting & Facilitation:

Housekeeping details
Formal welcome 
Showing videos or slides
Spotlighting Speakers
Monitoring and answering people in the chat
Ending meeting

Fielding requests after the event

Editing the recording of the meeting
Adding beginning and ending slides
Uploading for people to see

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