Listen to the Story

Listen to the Story – Tell me a Story

With Elizabeth Welles

A Professional Development Workshop

From Interview to Performance

In this professional development workshop, participants can expect to:

  •  Better understand and enjoy the story process
  • Experience what it is like to interview and be interviewed
  • Sharpen their powers of observation and awareness
  • Develop and trust their spontaneity, improvisational, speaking-telling and sharing skills
  • Enhance their own creativity and connect more deeply to the unique value they offer to others
  • Connect to the value of storytelling in its application to listening and understanding another
  • Build confidence for teaching the process to their students


The children who are the recipients of this instruction and experiential learning will gain the same. Additionally the person who is interviewed will have a sense of feeling valued. That the stories they share link the past to the present to the future. They will experience knowing their life experience has been heard and received, and that it goes forth into the world.


The benefits of this unique training include:


  •  Highly experiential
  •  Plenty of time for participants to share their story
  •  Chances for individual coaching and guidance from Elizabeth
  •  Original materials with a fresh take on storytelling
  • A personal, custom, joy-filled design and approach vs. a checklist/assessment approach


Tell me a fact and I’ll learn.
Tell me a truth and I’ll believe.
But tell me a story and it will live in my heart forever.

                                                                                               —Indian Proverb