Meditation for Relaxation CD


Meditation for Relaxation:

Listening to Body, Breath, and Sound

Soothing guided meditation by Elizabeth Welles
with harp music by Peter Sterling

When we are intimately in touch with our immediate physical environment: our body and breath, and the sounds within and around us, relaxation deepens, peace and awareness increases, and our personal energy and presence grows. This meditation is designed to enhance peace and relaxation by listening to the body, to breath, and to sound.


Track I Peace with Every Breath Seated relaxation (23:40) Listen to an mp3 excerpt.


Track II Between Earth and Air Lying-down relaxation (23:10) 46:50 minutes total running time[hr]

I listen to your CD all the time. It’s the best one I have for relaxing, thank you, thank you! – Cindi Reiss, Writer

Elizabeth Welles’ Relaxation for Meditation has been used in my meditation class as part of our body awareness and body relaxation before going into our breath meditation.  I, and my meditation group, find it very very helpful and healing.  Her voice, tone, music background, and movement of words and thoughts allow the listener to travel within in a deep and full way.  It is an incredible resource. – Bernice Mennis, Writer

During my cancer treatments I listened to Meditation for Relaxation. What we noticed was that it was the ONLY thing our grandson, age 2, would fall asleep to. Nothing else worked. Your voice has a soothing quality to be heard. Thank you from the baby and us! – Tamara Engel, Psychotherapist

Thanks so much for your CD. I have used it every night and it really has made a difference. I had trouble falling asleep because my mind wouldn’t let go of the day’s events. After using your Meditation for Relaxation CD I was able to fall asleep and stay asleep through the night. It has changed my life! – Lora Lang

I wasn’t able to ever meditate until I found your CD. Now I have learned to find peace with every breath, deep quiet and rest. Superb and I thank you! – Elio Zarmati, Pubilsher

I just have to also tell how much I have enjoyed your ‘Peace with Every Breath’ meditation/relaxation CD.  It is one of the best ones…If not the best one, I have ever listened to.  Thank you again! – Susan Rybicki [hr]

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