Meditation & Contemplation ~

In meditation you dive deep in silence. In that dive you may initially encounter the body, including sensation and feelings, the noise of your own thoughts or the honking horn outside. But slowly you get to see that although you wear a body and it can be your ally, an instrument of your spirit and soul, you are not your body alone. You are not your feelings, sensations and thoughts, just as you are not the horn honking outside. Meditation is a gentle and open exploration into that which does not change. It is a coming home to the space between what was and what will be, where you are forever in ease. In every moment of reflection, there exists the opportunity to move yourself to deeper realms of your own nature with wonder in bliss. Ultimately meditation is your appointment with peace.

Walking Light

Journaling, Writing & Story ~

Words can bring wisdom, solace or counsel to yourself or another. Applying words of your own still small voice can be a healing balm in challenging situations. Words of celebration and elation, when shared, can enhance community and give rise to new understandings, communion and bliss. Celebration is needed in the world and your voice will be appreciated. Reading words aloud or hearing another’s words and listening into the silence that follows can unearth revelatory insights for one’s life and its direction.

There are ways to journal and write where you slip between time and space, into the immediate present moment to touch into an ongoing spiritual rhythm that underlies all life. For extraordinary mystical states are available to you right now. Millions of Divine Beings are on the head of every pin, attached to every atom, only waiting for you to turn your attention to them to be witnessed and seen by you.

You can pen words for your stories, plays, poems, prayers or songs; creative words that will have a place in your books, films, monologues and dialogues. Your powerful words are ultimately a guide for you to see what you would love to create, pursuant of your dreams.

Flowers in Flight

Miracles & Inspiration

Miracles take you into the unknown and to where Grace lies. When you share your stories, you inspire others to embrace mystery and experience the mystic in their cells. When you listen to inspirational and miracle stories, you are reminded to stretch your imagination, to make the unbelievable believable, the impossible possible, expanding the horizons of what you, too, can perceive, know, appreciate and create. Miracles are everywhere in all forms. Share your inspirations, the large or small happenings that grace your life and let the miracles unfold.

Faces of Water

Good Thought & Prayer~

Many people think of prayer as a formal way of talking to God, often with getting on your knees. Prayer can be that. But the beauty and power of prayer—or of simple good thought—is that it can done anywhere, in any moment. For prayer is simple profound way to connect, to deepen faith, and come into the silence.

And while prayer may be a trigger word for some, with unpleasant memories or of a strict religious upbringing left far behind, here prayer is addressed not in the religious sense. But as a way to deepen into the quiet and explore your own heart, what it needs to hear, and how it hears it.

Even secular scientists find solitude and time to contemplate their theories, to ask, seek or know, and reflect on the wisdom of the ancients. It is a powerful way to connect, deepen faith, and come into the silence where all answers are heard and found.

Angels in Our Midst

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