Angel at the Door

I’m a creator.

I always have been.

I had to create.

It was in my blood.

                To write or paint or teach or tell stories.                   

It just flowed.

It still does.

I came to amass a resume filled with great credibility.

Having taught thousands of people, all sorts of things.

Classes, workshops, seminars …

Having created books, CD’s, plays, artwork …

But there was not much sales-ability.

So I studied.

And learned about sales.

Learned I’m not good at it.

But no one had to tell me that.

I didn’t like sales.

Those that taught it said to make the customer feel their pain.

That way they’ll want the solution—what you are offering.

I groan. Not my thing.

I liked sales even less.

Robert Herjavec of Shark Tank says,

“Misery isn’t fun, whether it’s yours or someone else’s.”

You need to understand your customer’s needs

And pleasure points.

Not pain points.

I could wrap my mind around that.

I’m about hope and peace, entertainment, creative inspiration and joy.

Maybe I could do sales.

So how to get out there in any consistent way?

One small thing a day

I watch over my mom.

Watching over her takes a lot of time.

Caregivers, I’ve learned, have the highest rate of depression.

The emotional and physical toll on them is great.

I know this first-hand.

I have also come to see I wouldn’t choose another way now.

Its taken me time to realize this.

My mom’s a gem and I love her a lot.

I’m it in terms of her care. 

The buck stops here.

And while much time is spent with her,

If I can do one small thing a day,

Then it feels like my life is moving forward.

Feeling is important. Paramount.

Because although we live what looks like a linear life

What really is forward or backwards anymore?

No one knows.

And while I’d like to be writing a poem a day,

Working on my next novel, or so many other creative things,

I can’t do it all right now

I can’t control most things.

I can do one small thing a day.

It makes what I can’t control feel less monstrous.

Small actions can produce great results.

I like results but they are not guaranteed.

My own taking of action is guaranteed, most days.

In terms of sales-ability or visibility or marketability

Probably means I should be on social media hours a day

Starting a Facebook group

Hosting a chat

Time, energy, focus is not available for that.

And it’s not my forte now.

Not my desire.

My one small thing a day is writing to one literary agent a day.

One hour to look over one sight.

Learn about one agent and send them a query for my book.

It’s exciting and where the rubber meets the pavement

Where the water meets the shore

Where the sky meets the earth.

In my creative discipleship these days,





What’s your one small thing?

We are all creators in our own ways.

So, what’s your one small thing?

Your one small thing a day.

~ Elizabeth Welles © 2014

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