Time is such an elusive monster. I say monster because of the way it dominates our lives with clocks, watches, meetings, appointments … I’m already exhausted just writing that out. How often do you think or hear someone say, “I don’t have the time. I don’t have enough time. Where did the time go?” It’s like time is our nemesis—and sometimes our friend. “Did you have a nice time? Did you have time to watch the movie I told you about? Did you get time to read that book yet? Time has treated him well.”

Like I said, it dominates our lives. Time is a Being in our lives that too often is chasing us. But what if there were “enough” time? What if you got more time by resting? And will rest and relaxation give you more time in your day? Gordy seems to think so with his axiom of “Lunch, Roam & Rest.” That’s the subject of this short new 6-minute video, time.

A Few Fun Facts

We have 1440 minutes in a single 24-hour day.
We have 288 five-minute segments in a day.
We have 86,4000 seconds in a single day.

Does reading any of that make you feel rushed? Writing that last part about the seconds made me feel rushed. “Time, it’s catching up to me. Time!”

Here are a few more questions for you:

Do you have to make your time count?
With every moment full?
Do you enjoy your time?

And what does that mean, anyway, to enjoy time? Hmm. I enjoy the people and company, the food, the activity, but we often ask of ourselves and others, “Did you enjoy your time?” Time even has a command on our language. When in a rush, can you remember that relaxing time, dream-time, time for wonder, and time away from time will bring you back to your day sweetly rested and ready to – dare I say – tackle the day and time?! NOooooo!!! 🙂

Instead, time away from time will bring you back to your day sweetly rested, feeling more whole, relaxed and refreshed, and isn’t that a lovely way to feel and be?

I hope you enjoy this short video with Gordy & Me ~ on time.

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