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Inspirational Talks to Uplift the Wearied Soul

Elizabeth Welles offers Keynote Addresses, Workshops and other Inspirational Talks customized to your event be it corporate or casual fun.

“Elizabeth Welles is one of those women whose energy you just crave! She was gentle, intelligent, strong, focused, sincere and electric. You know those people you just feel good by being around them? That’s her. Whatever she’s having, I’ll have!”
– Jennifer Mims, workshop participant, Tempe, AZ

The Four Wisdoms of Creativity

What are the Four Wisdoms and how can you unfold them in your life? The Four Wisdoms of Creativity are:

  • Move in the direction that gives you energy
  • Be involved with what you love
  • Be receptive
  • Do as little as possible

Elizabeth will speak about the origins of The Four Wisdoms of Creativity, how they operate, and how you can remember what you already know: That the source of creativity exists in you, and moves through nourishing relationships, associations and experiences that support your life. These wisdoms operate all at once, and yet any one of them alone has the power to change a life. The tools drawn upon tap both sides of the brain; meditation and guided imagery are used to inspire and create greater balance. (Keynote and Workshop)

How to Rest in 4 Easy Steps: A Loving Guide for the Wearied, The Anxious and the Grieved

How to Rest was born after Elizabeth experienced the loss of the dearest person in her life, and then had to deal with grief, deep traumatic grief. The Four Steps offers a loving way to look at R.E.S.T.

  • Relax
  • Exhale
  • Surrender
  • Trust

It’s the kind of rest where your heart begins to ease, where you sense a sweet peace permeating your body, restoring, healing and calming to your cells. Where you might feel, even for a split second, that all is well or will be well in your world and in times of grief. (Keynote and Workshop)

The Pathless Path: On Love & Loss, Grief & Renewal, Spirit & Sorrow

Losing someone you love sucks and grieving is hard. It can leave you feeling isolated, lost and lonely, especially in a society that does not understand how to deal with grief and does not want to honor it or acknowledge what you are feeling.

If you have lost someone you love and are grieving or if you seek to give comfort and solace to someone who grieves, then join Elizabeth as she shares her experience of grief and offers insights on grieving in our world today, shining a light on the cultural paradigms and platitudes that further hurt the grieving heart. In her stories, people have found comfort and validation, which helps them feel less alone on this universal journey we all take. People who have listened to her speak find themselves better able to listen and respond to their friends and family who grieve, with greater sensitivity in a more kind and loving way. (Keynote and Workshop)

The Journal Way: How to Seed the Ground for Your Creative Voice

Have you ever wanted to keep a journal? Have you ever kept a journal and felt bogged down by writing only the streaming negative voices onto the page? Or did you hit the wall of creative blocks, wondering where your muse wandered off to or are you simply curious as to what this journaling thing is all about? Elizabeth Welles will speak about the wonders of keeping a journal as a place to give voice to your grief, as the ground for your creativity, and as the place to clarify, direct and enhance your vision and voice. Elizabeth will share insights and humor about the journal process from her life experience and book, Journaling for Well-Being & Peace, in this evening of inspiration, dedicated to peace. (Keynote and Workshop)

Journaling for Well-Being & Peace

Journaling and Meditation can be touchstones for you or your organization to explore resolutions to problems, to enhance creativity, and find deeper meaning and peace in your life. In this talk you will learn the three golden reasons to start a practice, how to heal, rest, rejuvenate and express yourself to move forward with joy in your life! Meditation is included. Questions and answers about your unique creative process are entertained so that you may soar freely with balance in your lives. (Keynote and Workshop)

Diet As Lifestyle, Food As Medicine

An informative talk and discussion about the benefits of having diet as a part of a healthy lifestyle, and not just an isolated, temporary situation we suffer through. As a former dieter and a macrobiotic-healthy chef and cooking teacher, Elizabeth tells her story and the wisdoms gleaned from a lifelong experience with food and dis-ease. Her own foibles and frailties, successes and joys with dieting, the grief diet, cooking and using food as medicine are humorously highlighted. Our collective wisdoms are then added to the pot, so that we may taste from each other’s experience, and remember and celebrate the healthful and beautiful things in life.

Navigating Change to Create the Life You Love: How to Live Through Transition, Dissolve Stress & Keep on Keeping on in Troubled Times

How do you stop the train and get off when life feels like it’s speeding out of control and you have to hold on? With both poignancy and humor, you will learn how to find support for yourself physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. You will learn how to dissolve stress, how to find the in-between quiet moments of your day, and how to keep on keeping on to follow your dreams – even when the world is stepping on your toes, and cramming in to crowd your days.

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What People Are Saying

“Elizabeth Welles, author, artist and playwright who lead this workshop is one of those women whose energy you just crave! She was gentle, intelligent, strong, focused, sincere and electric. You know those people you just feel good by being around them? That’s her. Whatever she’s having, I’ll have!!”
– Jennifer Mims, workshop participant, Tempe, AZ

“Our guests speak highly about Elizabeth Welles’ Corporate Guest Seminars. Her programs are assets to our conferences, and she is a delight to work with. We look forward to her next seminars with us.”
– Doffie Farrar, Executive Education, The Concours Group

“Her work is inspired and concrete. Guests rave about her programs and we hire her again and again.”
– Elizabeth Horton, Director of Activities at the Oaks in Ojai

“Thank you for being a presenter in our Lifelong Learning Seminar Series. Your seminar, Journaling for Well-Being, was well received and very much appreciated by all those in attendance. Our goal is to provide quality programs that meet the needs of our students including those students who are returning to education. Your seminar contributes to that goal.”
– Donna Mosher, Paradise Valley Community College

“Thank you so much for your love and support during our first GFG retreat. Your sessions were both meditative and deeply profound for all of us. Your gentle groundedness helps to balance us all. I am so grateful for your spirit.”
– Ali Grace, MA. MNLP, CHT, Founder of Guilt Free Goddess