Structure of the Series


This class introduces journaling practices that are explorative in nature. There is writing every week on the call and suggested, but not required, fieldwork between calls. Discussion and dialogue about your creative process is entertained so that you may soar freely with balance in your life. Each class ends with a contemplative reflection or meditation.

The written practices are both excellent for personal reflection, healing, and for your creativity and creative well-being. Whether you are writing for self-expression, or working on your novel, or writing to give a speech to your corporate board, each practice will relate in some way.

Due to the in-depth study and personal nature of the series, it is limited to ten women only so that everyone has time to share and receive support.

A typical call looks like this: 


[list_item]We phone in at the top of the hour.[/list_item]

[list_item]We check-in, review fieldwork, learn new techniques and practices, and address creativity concerns.[/list_item]

[list_item]The evening’s writing practice is given and we get off the phone/web (or stay on, as you choose) so you can write for an allotted period of time.[/list_item]

[list_item]We reassemble again to read from your work and share your insights. There is time devoted to your questions about the journaling and creative process.[/list_item]

[list_item]You receive unconditional support and feedback.[/list_item]

[list_item]A fieldwork practice is given, and we end the call with a contemplative reflection or meditation.[/list_item]


As much as possible, I encourage participants to be without distractions. Take the class as a gift to yourself. Devote the time to your writing and your creativity. Turn off the TV, the fax, the phone, the text, the radio, the kids and the dogs, the dishes and the husband, your work and your worries. Enter into a sacred space for you and your own well-being.

Due to the personal nature of journaling, sharing your work and reading from your journal is not required. Often everyone does simply because when you read your words aloud or hear your words read aloud, you hear yourself in a different way. You are affirmed and witnessed in your creative process, which can be a healing and empowering experience. Simultaneously, you never know when your words will be the source of encouragement, inspiration and nourishment to another.

The atmosphere of the class is gentle, explorative, safe, highly creative and non-invasive. I ask that participants come with the gift of unconditional support for themselves and for others who are on the call.

The benefits of these unique series includes:

  • Highly experiential
  • Plenty of time for participants to read and share
  • Individual coaching and guidance from Elizabeth
  • Original material presented with a fresh take on journaling
  • A personal, custom, joy-filled approach vs. a checklist/assessment approach

If you are new to my work, and would like more information or if you have a group of individuals you would like to set up this series for, please email or call today so we can set up an appointment to speak.