The First Clear Sound of Morning

A Two-Part Teleseminar

The first clear sound of morning I hear is a river blood flowing through veins,
dreams reverberating my body, birds waking the trees.

River — Blood — Dreams — Body — Birds


*  Five words, where would you take them?
*  Where would you take your own words of the first clear sounds of morning that you hear?
*  How would you luxuriate in them to dissolve and clear the dross away?
*  Or how would you carry them into your day to sparkle your way?

Children’s voices, laughter, the ticking of a clock, an alarm, traffic whizzing by,
the sound of fresh coffee brewing, your lover’s breath or your own.

Sounds and words, written and spoken.


Join us for this Special Two-Part Teleseminar
And engage this sense of sound in your words and song, poems, story and prayers.

Coming Soon – Dates to be announced.

This class will for run for an hour and a half for two-weeks.
Please leave your schedule open to allow for your time on the call.
You will be writing and reading and sharing in an atmosphere of unconditional support.
For Questions or to Early Registration, Call:  323-682-4025.
Space is limited.