In the revelatory odyssey, Speak the Lands of My Heart, Elizabeth Welles cuts through the illusions of the spiritual journey with delightful wit and intelligence that is both honestly reverent and hilariously irreverent. With riveting clarity and humor she soars across the landscape of India debating the relative merits (in the case of enlightenment) of a kaleidoscope of yogis and swamis, spiritual retreats, crumbling nirvanas and five-star Indian hotels. Through Welles’ exquisite characterizations and vast repertoire of voice, we feel the heat, pollution and poverty of smog-swirled New Delhi and the high enchantment of Rishikesh on the Sacred Ganga, bringing vivid life to the chaos, contradiction, and beauty that is India and its People. Ultimately, Welles carries us into a buzzing zone of the profane and the profound, and then spins us out, bringing our hearts and minds to a vision of the common humanity that transcends all boundaries of time and space. Speak the Lands of My Heart is immensely pleasurable visual prose!