The 2013 Tour

**  The 2013 Tour  **


Water From The Welles & Other Stories

Upcoming  Shows & Events for Sept-Oct. 2013

Water from the Welles
at The Glaser Center
in Santa Rosa, CA

Friday night, September 27th, “Water from the Welles” in Santa Rosa, CA at 7:30 PM
Friday night, October 11th, “Water from the Welles” in Santa Rosa, CA at 7:30 PM

Advanced tickets at Brown Paper Tickets
Tickets will be available at the door.

7:30 PM at The Glaser Center
547 Mendocino Ave.
Santa Rosa, CA 95401

Friday night, August 9th, “Water from the Welles”  in La Veta, Colorado

Where: Francisco Center for the Performing Arts
127 West Francisco Street, La Veta, CO
7:30 PM
Advanced tickets at La Veta True Value & Charlies – $12

Tickets at the door – $15
Reservations – 719-742-3302  (The Whitmore Gallery & Studio)
Leave your name, number in the party, and a phone number:

*Saturday night, June 8, 2013 in New River, Arizona

Where: Peaceful Enrichment Spirit Center
Time: 7:00 PM
$15 at the Door

Saturday Night, May 11, 2013 in Santa Rosa, California

  Where:  1515 Riebli Road, Santa Rosa
  Time:    Join us at 7:00 PM ~ Show starts at 7:30
  Price:    $15 at the door
  RSVP:    707-575-8189 or

Free Talk

Thursday Night, May 9, 2013 in San Rafael

Journaling as Ground for Your Creative Voice
At Open Secret Bookstore
923 C St., San Rafael, CA, 94901


Saturday Afternoon, May 18, 2013 in San Rafael

Journaling & Story the Body Way
At Open Secret Bookstore

923 C St., San Rafael, CA, 94901
2-5 PM

Advanced Registration



About The 2013 Tour

In a world that sometimes looks confusing, progressive organizations and associations provide refuge
for community, rest and renewal that is creative, healing, and inspirational.

As an artist, writer-author and actor, my work is to enhance creativity, laughter and peace through storytelling, performances, journaling and meditation. My 2013 presentations include the one woman shows: Water from the Welles and Speak the Lands of My Heart, evenings of uplifting entertainment that, with pathos and humor, offer hope and inspiration. After coming to one of my performances, I have watched people remember the beauty in their dreams and be catapulted towards them with fresh inspiration. People have been touched, moved and inspired to move away from unhappy job situations, to journey cross-country, and to finish old projects and start new ones. They wish to discover their own unique vision and voice, and what it is that will further move them into their creative center.

Water from the Welles
is a show of selected works: stories, poetry, monologue and song with a running time of approxima
tely one hour and fifteen minutes. As I move through the selections, I step out from between the pieces to speak directly with the audience about the river of inspiration behind the work. Due to the sophisticated and sometimes bawdy nature of the material, Water from the Welles is for adults. The show can be edited for a teenage audience. Bawdy can be left behind and material selection is always designed with your audience in mind.
For more information, please visit: Water From The Welles

Speak the Lands of My Heart is the one-woman show about a journey to India and into the heart and mind of a woman on an adventurous cross-cultural spiritual quest. Running time for the full show is two hours with intermission. Originally inspired by journal entries when she I first went to India, this show delights and enlightens. It can be performed in its full version, abbreviated version, or as a dramatic read followed by a Q&A on India, traveling alone, and following your dreams.
For more information, please visit: Speak the Lands of My Heart

The 2013 Tour will take me to:

                                                          California:   Sonoma, San Francisco
                                                          Texas:   Austin, Dallas
                                                          Colorado:   La Veta, Fort Collins, Aspen and Carbondale
                                                          Utah:   Moab
                                                          And New Mexico

On a weekend evening, I present Water from the Welles. Selections from Speak the Lands of My Heart are included, which provides an introduction to this longer show and journey for future performances. A few days after the performance, I present a talk or workshop on the power of your creativity: journaling, writing and story, and/or a soothing seminar on meditation.

Thank you for your kind consideration in bringing these programs to your audience. The performances, workshops and talks support living a life of beauty, creativity, joy and peace.

In Peace,
~ Elizabeth Welles ~

For Additional Information ~
(323) 682-4025