The Goddess Method


The Goddess Method for Stress Reduction

“Creating a greater sense of well-being.”
Elizabeth Welles

The Goddess Method for Stress Reduction is a unique program designed to enhance creativity and reduce stress, assisting people in moving through transition in innovative and resourceful ways.

The Seminar

In juggling schedules between work and family, social and professional obligations, we often put ourselves last on our list of things “to do.” We lose touch with personal dreams, needs, goals and desires, and we become physically and emotionally depleted, running from one thing to another or simply unable to cope. Stress creates more stress in a vicious cycle where blocked creativity, disorganization, mismanagement, lower morale, higher absentee rate, and burnout result. We are witnessing this globally with greater efficiency and less time, greater technical and medical advances and more disease. The healthcare field in particular has a high turnover rate. The question always asked is: Who takes care of the caretaker? In a profession where service to patients is paramount, it is important for doctors, hospital and home-healthcare workers to be nurtured themselves. Then in turn they will exude a calm alertness, that allows for peak creative thinking and action – which is essential to the care of others. In companies where deadlines and service to clients predominate, having employees who are creative, calm, relaxed and alert is crucial. Elizabeth’s work revisits the innate Creative nature in our personal and professional lives, and begins the process of activating increased “profit” in all areas of life.

The basic premise of the Goddess Method is that when you are involved with what you love, with what excites and motivates you in a balanced way, excess stress is reduced. The Goddess Method engages breath, current thoughts and emotions, and the visionary qualities of individuals, to open passageways to creativity with a deep relaxed awareness that simultaneously allows tension to melt. The seminar explores the Four Wisdoms of Creativity, practices for Calming the Senses, “Time Management,” Imaging, Action, and “Leaping out of the box.”

Elizabeth reintroduces people to their own Creativity, and finds the bridge between seemingly unrelated parts of Self. No matter what field one is in, there is a reunifying or re-membering that takes place in service to the whole person. Individuals participate in and witness the blossoming of their creativity and see their endeavors grow to fruition. Agencies and corporations leap out of traditional left-brain thinking into the creative right brain where fresh ideas and impulses are stirred and acted on.

** Requirements are a pad and paper, the willingness to temporarily suspend belief and to experiment, move, and play in service to one’s Self and Company.


  • Enhances creativity and self-expression, bringing the individual and company into greater balance.
  • Opens new windows of possibilities into options hitherto unexplored.
  • Strengthens clarity and focus about personal and professional and direction.
  • Helps provide a deeper connection between personal goals and dreams, and the organization and community’s goals and dreams.
  • Improves team play, enhances brainstorming and problem solving.
  • Increases the value and quality of your time.
  • Provides you with techniques to use for relaxation in your work life.
  • Presents a variety of ways to reduce stress and gain perspective.
  • Helps you define success on your own terms.