You are gifted with a myriad of creative possibilities, many rivers and many streams. This understanding provides a portal that there are outlets for your creative quests. There are solutions to answers, mysteries to be embraced, help for quandaries, and missions for your desires. There is joy, beauty, relief and peace in this knowing.

Creativity acts in and through your life all the time. Your creative expression is unique to you, your life and experiences, how you perceive, feel, think and make connections.

When you are involved with your own creative rivers of inspiration your childlike impulses are rediscovered. It is the child-sense, reveling in freedom from inhibition, innate with its open curiosity and ability to play, which provides a gateway into the mystery of life and into the mystery of creativity.

You can learn to harvest the bounty of creativity. There are steps you can take to invite and hone the creative voice to speak, to dance, to play.

The Four Wisdoms of Creativity™ first knocked on my door when I was moving through a difficult time. They tiptoed in, whispered in the gentlest of ways, and began to redirect my life. The Wisdoms are a branch of The ISIS Method for Stress Reduction. The cornerstone premise for the ISIS Method is that when you are involved with your creativity, your stress is reduced.

Sometimes in a workshop I might say, when you are involved with your creativity in a balanced way, your stress is reduced. Balance: it’s what we so often strive for. However I have to laugh at that. There are times when creativity can look like anything but balance. Creativity is a force of nature. Like the wind it can hurl you up, toss you around, lift you high, and set you down like Dorothy on new ground. But more than being a force of nature, Creativity is a force of Spirit. A Spirit that is ultimately benevolent and loving in nature.

The Four Wisdoms of Creativity™ is made up of four simple principles with accompanying practices, a loosely guided treasure map to guide you back to your own creative self. They are not meant to be strategies carved in stone. They are simple offerings and suggestions to help you re-member how to listen and commune with your own heart and soul.

The Four Wisdoms of Creativity™ are:

Move in the direction of what gives you energy
Be involved with what you love
Be receptive
Do as little as possible

No single wisdom is more or less important than any another. Rather, they operate in unison inviting you to travel the roads that call you to creative adventure. Whether you ride along easily or tirelessly plow, it is worth the effort. Because in discovering what you love and what gives you energy, you find a way of living that contains both passion and peace. When we do this collectively the world changes. As we witness this glorious change, we are compelled to acknowledge that although we travel different paths, we are the same the world over in our desire to create and enrich our lives. What grace that our unique paths, more varied and infinite than the stars, would lead us to each other in this simple understanding.

Creativity will ultimately lead you to greater levels of joy, contentment, freedom, and peace. In this New Year, may you find ways to explore your creativity and share it with the world.


Part II:  What You Would Love To Create ~ Coming Soon…

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