Welcome to my first post:

Even though I’m a writer, I was a resistant blogger.

I remember when I first heard about blogs. I wondered what I could ever write about that was so important that people would want to read my online journal.
Dribble, I thought. I certainly don’t want to read other people’s journals. But of course blogs took on greater diversity and became more than an online fad about one’s personal life.

I accepted blogs.

I still didn’t want to have one.

I had too many other things I preferred to work on: books, poetry, classes, articles, monologues, plays and songs.
Blogs would take time away from all that.

And I don’t write fast.
Okay, I write very fast.
But I’m a rewriter.
I can easily rewrite one small piece forty times or more.
No joke.

But finally, I thought, okay, maybe I have something to say.

Maybe I can blog.

Then I had to get past the word.

Blog – An ugly word.

I like frog better.

And I could assign acronyms.

FROG:  Freeing or Feeling Really Outrageous & Giddy.

Or how about SWIM.
SWIM:  Spiritual Writings Inspiration & Meditations.

WOG:  Women of Genius or Wonders of Greatness
(And that’s all of us!)

Or WOG: Witty words of Gold

Okay, you get the picture.
I wanted to call my blog something else.
Finally, it was to be simply called “Journal.”
Friends urged me – Use Blog.

So, here we are.
I recently updated my website – welcome – and there are things I would love to share with you.

Creativity & Journaling Tidbits
Health & Well-Being Treats
Morsels of The Outrageous:  Stories, Humor, Poetry & Song
World & Social Commentary Sound bites
Inspirational Delicacies: Meditation & Prayer, Quotes, Articles, mp3’s

I hope you come, partake and nibble away.

Welcome to my frog   – I mean blog!

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