Anyone can journal and write and it’s easier than you think.

The empty page is like God. It can hear anything, it can take anything, and it can handle anything. The blank page is a safe place to dump the trash so you don’t carry it around in your head, heart, body, mind or soul. In a non-invasive way journaling assists you in excavating the stuff that has kept you stuck. It’s also where you can hear all the compassionate voices that are there to assist you and help set you free.

Journaling allows you to dream on paper, dreaming the stories that want to be heard or birthed into existence, dreaming the deep desires that are of the heart. Your dreams and creative ideas that want activation are set free. Through your written words, you meet inborn strengths and bear witness to your own wisdom.

Journaling lets you play with language and paint with words. By improvising, experimenting and playing with your dreams and ideas on paper, you discover stories that enrich your life.

The next two-hour LIVE Journaling Basics Workshop is November 20, 2020
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