I thought I was helping a friend over the phone when he interrupted me abruptly. I didn’t mind the interruption. I didn’t mind the abruptness. But the tone of voice was harsh, almost angry, and definitely impatient – and I felt hurt. My solar plexus hurt. I did the usual things, noticed what I was feeling, tried to calm myself, breathe, mantra, wrote a bit. Not sure why it stung so much, probably several reasons, but no matter, reasons weren’t important. I had to attend to the sting and how it made me feel: vulnerable, alone, sad, scared, misunderstood, save for my amazing sweet unconditionally loving mom in the other room and her joyful presence.

A little while later, I went into my mom’s room and she was on the royal throne. Her pants wet on the floor at her feet, no Depends on, and she was wiping up her pee with the paper towels. Not unusual, but today was the day when pee became a pleasant distraction. I could attend to her, help her. I did the usual. Took her pants and started a laundry. Got down on my knees, took the paper towels and the cleaner and cleaned her floor, again, wiping at the royal puddle. She got up and I cleaned the bottom of her feet. She got to her walker. I put the water on for her and the soap in the sink as I always do as a reminder for her to wash her hands. We laughed about something, am not sure what now. But it was with relief that her pee became the healing agent in my afternoon, the day when pee reigned, the day when pee became a pleasant distraction.

The end 🙂

Postscript: I thought of Princess Diana and how she dove into some of her charity work and how it helped her, helped heal her – according to some of her bios – and I was reminded of the powerful healing effect on ourselves of serving others.

Post Postscript: My friend called the next day to apologize and we are both okay.