You laughed at me when I said I was afraid of death  
And now I know why…

I thought you a flower giving birth to me
You, a Goddess of a thousand seas
You, my child who came through my womb
You, the adult who will intern me in my tomb
So that I may be born again to Earth
As rain to sea
Except that didn’t tell the full story

Story of sap as it rises in the tree
Story of Love through Eternity
That the Soul is never born and therefore cannot die
Like when I dream and lay still at night, yet learn to fly

That the ocean’s floor stops at a certain depth
But below that floor lies many more steps
A core beneath the sea
Hidden doors from me

A pearl radiant, buoyant in worth
Rises in the heart and in the Earth
Shines without light, floats without air
Walks without ground, makes music without sound

This is the mystery of science and Soul
Between phantom and atom
A portal, a petal, a flower, a rose
Scents that warm and fragrance grows

You laughed at me when I said was afraid
“Silly child, birth and death do not exist
Infinite possibilities and worlds co-exist
Sweet child, nothing is born, nothing dies
Spirits live on, ever alive.”

And now I know that is why you laughed

Like the ocean water lapping at feet
Goddess roars and takes her seat
Courageous and curious, I sit on my throne
Fearless and humbled, I am forever home

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