The OASIS Process
Opening a Space for Inner Serenity

Creating a greater sense of well-being and peace.


What is OASIS?

The OASIS Process offers a refuge from burnout & overwhelm for employees, executives, and health professionals by providing a space to rest and reset, and to restore and be inspired in creative ways. 

Companies and organizations want their employees and executives to be at the top of their game with great energy, stamina and calm. Those who are nourished themselves so they can effectively care for others in their field, clientele and/or patients.

Companies and organizations want their employees and executives to have effective ways to release their own excess stress, ways to bounce back. Ways to stave off burnout and preferably not step into the realm of overwhelm.

The OASIS Process includes experiential learning that introduces unique principles supported by scientific understanding in a compassionate and safe environment creating powerful shifts that can last a lifetime.

How is it Offered?

The OASIS Process is offered as a series of programs, each of which can be accessed online in-person or as in-person workshops, seminars, and webinars on the healing and creative powers of journal writing, meditation and rest, enhancing creativity, compassionate communication and empathy, and in understanding grief.

Any single program can be offered alone or several can be bundled together. Programs are tailor-designed for the needs of the organization and individuals, and collaborative development is welcomed.

The Menu of Offerings

Journaling for Well-Being & Peace

Reclaim Your Energy through the Power of Rest

Creating Connecting Conversations: An Introduction to Compassionate Communication

The Four Wisdoms of Creativity & How to Apply Them to Your Life

Understanding Grief while Connecting to Love

Ease Your Way into Meditation & Peace

Navigating Change to Create the Life You Love

These specific programs serve to both release stress when on the job and when away from the job so a sense of balance and equilibrium is maintained. It is not only essential for excellent work performance, it is also vital for being a happier and healthier person. This program supports living a life of balance, healing, creativity, joy and peace.


What You Will Walk Away With

  • Non-pharmaceutical ways to reduce stress and gain perspective
  • Practices and techniques that increase relaxation and enhance creativity
  • Understanding why this works from a neuroscience perspective
  • Ways to access greater peace, balance and flexibility in your life

The OASIS Process melts excess tension and invites in relaxation as it opens passageways to creativity and a deeper sense of well-being in a nurturing, energizing and supportive environment.



I listen to your meditation all the time. It’s the best one I have for relaxing, thank you, thank you!

~ Cindi Reiss, Writer

Listen to some of Elizabeth’s meditations

Melt, rest and rejuvenate with visual and poetic beauty and peace through music, word and song.


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Listen to Elizabeth singing a chant (Saraswati is the Goddess of all Knowleldge, art, language, music, dance, song, culture, etc.), it then weaves into the beginning of a poem.
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What People Are Saying

Our guests speak highly about Elizabeth Welles’ Corporate Guest Seminars. Her programs are assets to our conferences, and she is a delight to work with. We look forward to her next seminars with us.

Doffie Farrar, Executive Education,
The Concours Group

“Elizabeth conducts tailored individual and group sessions and people who work with her rave about her. I am one. In just one session, she was able to improve my interview performance significantly. I know the agency world, and I believe any agency could benefit from having someone like Elizabeth available. However, there is only one Elizabeth. Her perceptiveness, creativity, articulateness and especially her intuitive sensibility set her apart.”

Stuart A. Cowan, Executive Consultant

Her work is inspired and concrete. Guests rave about her programs and we hire her again and again.

Elizabeth Horton,
Director of Activities at the Oaks in Ojai

Thank you for being a presenter in our Lifelong Learning Seminar Series. Your seminar, Journaling for Well-Being, was well received and very much appreciated by all those in attendance. Our goal is to provide quality programs that meet the needs of our students including those students who are returning to education. Your seminar contributes to that goal.

Donna Mosher,
Paradise Valley Community College

Elizabeth’s lifetime experience of journaling is inspiring! Her presentation reminded me of the capacity of journaling to reveal soul’s purpose, the soul’s deepest longing to be of service. A delightful evening!

Rita Marsh, Carbondale, CO
Davi Nikent Center for Human Flourishing

Thank you so much for your love and support during our first GFG retreat. Your sessions were both meditative and deeply profound for all of us. Your gentle groundedness helps to balance us all. I am so grateful for your spirit.

Ali Grace, MA. MNLP, CHT
Founder of Guilt Free Goddess

Thank you so much for your inspiring words and friendly down to earth style. The talk you gave at my school gave me permission to relax and let life’s divine flow do its work. I was inspired by your way and felt relieved afterwards. It was ok to finally give myself the pause that I needed to go inside myself and figure out what I want. You have a special way of speaking to the heart and mind of us all. You are a free spirit and warrior woman who lives their truth. And since hearing you speak, I am no longer afraid to live in my light, to be authentic in my life, and to live my truth. Thank you, Elizabeth, for your support, and kind words.

Marjanii McCline, L.M.T
The Center of Natural Wellness, Albany, NY

I thoroughly enjoyed your workshop and I am not one to sit for several hours! So thank you for an enjoyable evening of words, thoughts and sisterhood!!

Carolyn Abrams,
Painter and Visual Artist

Thank you again for the inspiration to begin anew at journaling and for providing very powerful techniques to motivate the process. I have been writing! And it has helped mellow the emotions so that other ideas can flow, just as you said it would happen. I loved the “magic box of words” and the “letters to yourself” and the “starting point of the present” that really does get you started! I have already told several people about the workshop and have sent them to your website. Thank you again, Elizabeth. I got a lot out of it!

Joy Bell, workshop participant
Tempe, AZ

In this sometimes-overwhelming world we live in I find myself trying to accomplish too many things at once. Elizabeth teaches you to slow down and focus. Great workshop.

Angela Inscoe,
Artist at a Corporate Seminar

Elizabeth provided me with concrete tools to ease me through a period of grief and loss. Her letter writing idea- one of many useful, soulful techniques – helped me to heal a hurting heart and go forward with my life with more joy and connectedness to my creative self. She really knows how to listen and can accomplish small miracles in even one session.

Jenny Phelps

This training is about making more time in your day without taking more time.

Rebecca Brownstein,
Managing Director, 

Elizabeth helped me regain my confidence and focus. A session with Elizabeth is like taking a two week vacation.

Beth Salamon, Advertising Adm. Assistant

Elizabeth combines a compassion for people with a true gift for healing that is rare to find.

Richard Lipton, Television Producer

In my life of deadlines, shoulds, and have to’s, Elizabeth is the fresh air which fills my being with peace.

Cidny Klein, Painter 

A unique and special experience packed with powerful tools to ease the tensions of day to day living . . . completely different from any other type of relaxation therapy.

Keith Prince, Actor, Writer