Prayer Meditation

[callout1]Prayer and meditation are close to my heart. They are the foundation for my life.

This page is devoted to articles on the sacred, prayer, meditation, and to prayers and meditations I will be posting, written as well as spoken.

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Writing and Prayer Meditation

by Elizabeth Welles

In every spiritual tradition there is reverence paid to The Word. However for some, the word prayer is a trigger with unpleasant memories or of a strict religious upbringing left far behind. But here prayer is addressed not in the religious sense, but as a way to deepen into the quiet and explore your own heart, what it needs to hear, and how it hears it. Even secular scientists find solitude and time to contemplate their theories and to ask, seek or know, and reflect on the wisdom of the ancients.



Why People Who Pray Are Healthier Than Those Who Don’t

by Richard Schiffman

If you want to achieve maximum health, here are a few things that you should do: exercise regularly, eat nutritious and minimally processed foods, drop those extra pounds — and pray. That’s right, regular prayer and meditation has been shown in numerous scientific studies to be an important factor in living longer and staying healthy.


How Sacred Time Feeds Creativity

by Elizabeth Welles

When you worry about future time, everything will be that much further away, because you are gauging your Self and your creations against some distant shore that’s always on the horizon. Whereas, when you give up thinking about time, everything comes rushing to meet you.

Digging up planted seeds before they break ground leaves you with no fruit at all. Opening the oven before the cake has risen, only hastens its fall. To know what is in your control, and accept what is not in your control takes a sensitive understanding of life’s uncertain circumstances, a drop of surrender, and a good dose of humor. Taking that a step further, you may then discern that what you think is in your control, may never have been. Time is one of those elements.