~ Sleep, Rise N Shine ~

Please enjoy the following Sleep Package Meditations to enhance your relaxation, rest and peace.
In this sleep package is an audio introduction, an audio meditation, and a video of both together.
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Remember do not ever listen to any meditation while driving or operating any machinery.

If you would like to see additional Sleep, Rise N Shine meditations, please let me know your ideas.
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Give yourself the quiet time to rest
Be with what is

Find a place in the natural world 
That will embrace you
Maybe it’s the sun or the moon
The ocean, stars, or forest trees

Hold yourself gently
And rest into your peaceful self

Elizabeth Welles

Sleep Introduction and Video

28:44 Minutes


A Relaxed Heart & Mind IS Your Natural State

Where Hope, Miracles & Laughter Abound

What People Are Saying

“Elizabeth helped me regain my confidence and focus. A session with Elizabeth is like taking a two week vacation.”
– Beth Salamon, Advertising Adm. Assistant

“During my cancer treatments I listened to Meditation for Relaxation. What we noticed was that it was the ONLY thing our grandson, age 2, would fall asleep to. Nothing else worked. Your voice has a soothing quality to be heard. Thank you from the baby and us!”
– Tamara Engel, Psychotherapist

“Elizabeth combines a compassion for people with a true gift for healing that is rare to find.”
– Richard Lipton, Television Producer

“In my life of deadlines, shoulds, and have to’s, Elizabeth is the fresh air which fills my being with peace.”
– Cidny Klein, Painter

“A unique and special experience packed with powerful tools to ease the tensions of day to day living . . . completely different from any other type of relaxation therapy.”
– Keith Prince, Actor, Writer

“I wasn’t able to ever meditate until I found your meditations. Now I have learned to find peace with every breath, deep quiet and rest. Superb and I thank you!”
– Elio Zarmati, Publisher

“Thanks so much for your meditations. I have used it every night and it really has made a difference. I had trouble falling asleep because my mind wouldn’t let go of the day’s events. After using your Meditation for Relaxation CD I was able to fall asleep and stay asleep through the night. It has changed my life!”
– Lora Lang

“In her one woman show Elizabeth demonstrates a unique capacity to change characters as effortlessly as changing clothes. Each character she portrays has its unique energy as well as expression and voice. Humor and pathos mingle and ebb and flow throughout the performance. Spellbinding!”
Rita Marsh, Carbondale, CO, Davi Nikent Center for Human Flourishing

“Your presentation tonight touched my heart and soul. Your voice and chants set the stage for me to open to new possibilities in performance art. You hold space for blessed creativity and sacred celebration of artistic expression. Thank you for a meaningful performance!”
Lisa Dancing-Light, Performance Artist, Carbondale, CO 

“William Blake sums it all up for creativity, “To see a world in a grain of sand, and a heaven in a wildflower… hold infinity in the palm of your hand, and eternity in an hour…” When you see Elizabeth Welles perform, this is what you get. For creativity is what she knows in her soul. In a highly creative, fun, and inspiring way, she tells it like it is, saying what we all want to say, but are too afraid to say. Her stories span from the uproariously funny to the deeply poignant and sad, but always delivering us to the heart of what matters, while enticing our senses, making us think and want to care. Life, itself, inspires this creative artist. And an evening spent watching her will, in turn, inspire you. It did me, and I continue to be inspired.”
Carol Lynn Healy, Energy Worker and World Traveler 

“Elizabeth Welles laughs like she has a secret no one else knows. Wonderful performance work, truly alive on stage!”
Debbie Martz, Home Professional

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