A Riser You Become


You were a warrior when young
Then the world crouched in and a worrier you became
And then you stood up and the world crouched out
And Riser you became

Regardless of the world, regardless of naysayers, of unconscious ones
A Rise you became
Rise I rise

Rising like the sun
Like perennial plants that return and come
Nothing stops sun
Nothing stops plants ...

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When Pee Becomes A Pleasant Distraction

I thought I was helping a friend over the phone when he interrupted me abruptly. I didn’t mind the interruption. I didn’t mind the abruptness. But the tone of voice was harsh, almost angry, and definitely impatient – and I felt hurt. My solar plexus hurt. I did the usual things, noticed what I was feeling, tried to calm myself, breathe, mantra, wrote a bit. Not sure why it stung so much, probably several reasons, but no matter, reasons weren’t ...

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