Professional Development Programs


Journaling for Well-Being & Peace

This workshop offers help and assistance to those who serve others. It assists professionals to offset their own feelings of overwhelm and burnout, while giving them tools with which to assist their clients. You will walk away with practices that bring comfort and inspiration, that help heal loss, and that enhance creativity.
(Can be presented as a workshop, a series of classes, lecture or keynote on the Healing Powers of Writing)


Listen to the Story – Tell me a Story

is a professional development workshop for teachers to teach their students everything from how to interview adult members in their community to taking what they discover into the storytelling process with monologues and mini plays. Based on seven principles of storytelling, this curriculum-based program introduces the teachers to the importance of storytelling, the interview process, the recreating process, and the telling process.
For more information on this fresh and original take on storytelling, with a highly experiential, custom joy-filled design and approach, please contact Elizabeth Welles and Peace Communications.



Women’s Visions, Women’s Voices

is a unique forum for professional women who long to reconnect with that still small voice inside their own heart.


The Easy Method for Stress Reduction

The main premise is that when one is involved with what they love, stress is reduced. You will become acquainted with the Four Wisdoms of Creativity, and recall the passions which give your life balance and joy. Relaxation and breathing practices, along with body awareness and guided imagery are introduced.


Enhancing the Creative Spirit: Writing and the Creative Process

This was created to reawaken the intuitive thinker through the playful use of language and words. This workshop is excellent for agencies and individuals who are on the creative edge.

Sharing Wisdoms and Visions in Support of your Creative Gifts

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